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Student Finance Scotland

Glenn Said:

Where do you get money to finance an MSc in Scotland?

We Answered:

Hey, I thought education was free in Scotland, at any level. This is what the media is telling us, if we live outside Scotland.

Vicki Said:

How can I get info about on-line MBA from prev student of Edinburgh Business school in Scotland -Hariot watt u

We Answered:

try the Alumni association! you may have more luck

Kurt Said:

can somone please tell me how much disabled student allowance pays .?

We Answered:

The following link may be useful to you it explains what rates of DSA you may be entitled to and the site also has information about other funds which you may be able to apply for…

There is something very liberating about being a student - go for it and enjoy the course

Jon Said:

Help with student finance please!?

We Answered:

Scottish students can have their tuition fees paid by the Scottish Government but in your case, it's difficult to say. I think you would've needed to live in Scotland three years previous starting your course but I'm not 100% sure. I've linked you to SAAS's website so hopefully you can find the answer.

Much more detailed information on SAAS's website:…

If you don't qualify, I think Student Finance England are able to provide you with student loans etc when you're studying for a degree in Scotland. Another point, Scottish universities charge English, Welsh and Northern Irish students lower fees than the universities in England. I believe the tuition fees are about £1,820 a year.

Hope this helps, good luck.

Leona Said:

Student Finance. How much are we expected to give her?

We Answered:

You can expect your daughter to be more independent.

Many students work all the way through university and some even support families, hold down a full time job and study all at the same time.

Very few students are funded by parents alone. I think you need to sit your daughter down and put some conditions in place and discuss her finding a job and taking on some of the financial responsibility for her future.

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