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Student Finance Second Degree

Sean Said:

student finance for my second attempt at uni???

We Answered:

Before you look into loans have you tried FAFSA? The website is Its a free application and you might be able to get grants. If not they can set you up with a loan. That site is the same site all the schools use. You might need your parents info though if your not married or if you dont have a child. Im sure that you can get another loan though. So many people change their majors. If anything you could always talk to the Financial Aid department at your school and see what they offer. Most of the time they will tell you to fill out a FAFSA form first. Good luck!

Greg Said:

hey ppl, What is the procedure from Computer Science to Medicine?

We Answered:

It depends on how much you already owe in student loans. There is a cap on the amount of federal financial aid you can receive for undergraduate coursework. After that is used up you can check into private loans.
If you are considering medical school, then look up the common prerequisites (i.e. biology, physiology, chemistry, calculus, etc.) and just take those courses. You won't have to complete a second degree, just the prerequisite courses.
You should probably speak with the pre-med advisor at your college to find out exactly what steps you need to take and how competetive you might be with your current GPA.
Good luck, its not going to be easy.

Joann Said:

How to Pay for Second Degree?

We Answered:

Usually, when you have a scholarship to attend college, it's only good for the Bachelor's degree you receive. In other words, you might want to check to confirm what the scholarship covered. I remember when I attended college, it was a not a FULL scholarship for 4 years. I had to incur some fees however, when I added education to the last two years of my study with the promise to teach in the inner city three years after graduating, the balance of those fees were paid. Most scholarships do not carry into the Master's or Doctorate degree level because there is no promise that the student will continue the educational track.

Your choices are open however, you might have to pay for this. Advanced education is not always free - and in your case you say you'd have to get another BA. Your choice might be to get a Masters in the field you have already pursued. There are some colleges which will let you float around but you still have to have the money. Why don't you call some universities in your area and find out what kind of financial programs are available to you. I know the feeling. I want to continue my education as well, but I am now debt free and in my 50's. God knows I don't want to incur any bills. I know that for the Masters degree I want, the cost is going to be upwards of $ 500-600 per class, with 18 months to earn the degree.

You will have to do some footwork to find out what is best for you, but I will leave you with this - there is nothing too hard for God and if you really, truly want this - I know a way can be made. You might even find a benefactor - just keep the faith and believe that it can be done and then, work on it. I am doing the same thing -

P.S. What makes you think you have a legal claim against the school for a 'second' degree? That's really not their obligation- unless you have information that you have not shared.

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