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Student Finance Second Year

Jorge Said:

Aaaaaaargh I'm sending my student finance info in now... will it be in time?

We Answered:

omg don't worry! they'll let you in even if you haven't applied yet. last year, i applied for my student loans really late. i was already two months into semester 1 when everything was confirmed with student loans. they take the tuition fee after you have finished your course (like april/may) anyway. if you need your grant/maintenance loan as soon as you start then send everthing off asap. i'm going onto second year but i didn't have to re-apply. they just went through the evidence i provied last year and will credit the money into my account on september 22nd.

Marilyn Said:

What happens to your student finance if you fail a year at university?

We Answered:

If you are in the UK then generally they will give you a second chance at passing the year (finance-wise).

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