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Student Finance Services Uk

Chad Said:

Which 8 american universities would you apply to?

We Answered:

Two public universities I would definitely include are the University of Virginia and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Two liberal arts colleges that would be on my list are Amherst and Oberlin. Among the privates - Harvard and Princeton for "reach", and choose any two of Northwestern, Vanderbilt, Boston College, and Georgetown. You'll find that 8 is more than enough when you actually begin the applications and when you ultimately have to choose only one.

Good luck!

Warren Said:

What government assistance am I entitled to?

We Answered:

I advise going back to school at least part time. Do not get loans if you can help it, you might end up in worse shape then when you started.

Shop around for the schools, community colleges cost half as much as 4 year schools and the credits usually transfer (find out what transfers before you sign up) Also ask about work study programs where you work on campus with a schedule that works around your classes. If you get a job in a computer lab or library you can do your homework while on the job.

Many states pay for child care for those that qualify and most schools have day cares on campus and that way you can peek in on your child every now and then.

What you can't get covered by all that you can see what programs you qualify for.

Lee Said:

How can I fund my stay in the UK?

We Answered:

Where are you from by the way. HSBC provides loan for International Students in UK. There are some criterias to be fulfilled. I think if you're from US, you should have a good credit and must be a permanent resident of US. Sometimes, loan also depends upon the university you're enrolling to. Please do check with a career counselor for more details. They can provide you perfect information.

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