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Student Finance Services

Rosemary Said:

Is there any student pursuing M.Com (Accounting and Finance). I want to know the books written by good authors

We Answered:

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Robert Said:

I am finance major student. Is there any website where I can offer my trading advisory for a fee?

We Answered:

This is what you have to do.

1. Call FINRA and tell them what you want to do.

2. Take and pass your Series 65 Exam. May now be called the Series 66 (Combined 63 and 65).

3. Because you plan on soliciting the general public for business and intend to be paid, you have to register with your state as a "Registered Investment Advisor." Contact your state securities regulator or state dept of corporations and they will tell you what you have to do.

4. You will need to be background checked, fingerprint checked and file a lengthy form called, "Form ADV." You only have to file this with the SEC if you are managing over $25M; if you are managing under that then you must file it with your state.

5. You will also want to get bonded (prob required now), show that you have so much in cash or a insurance bond (state regulators will tell you how much and what to do).

6. If you do not do all the above, you could be be fined and your clients could actually sue you for not being registered. They can also sue if they lose money.

7. Once all of the above is done and approved by the regulator, only then can you solicit clients, have a website, advertise, etc. You have to disclose the website and be mindful of your statements. Be sure not to promise any returns, or say how much people can make with you. This is a guaranteed law suit, and your career will be over before it starts.

8. I would seek someone maybe a business consultant in this area on how to reduce your liability as a RIA, and help you with your Form ADV.

9. There is another way to do all this, but you can't make public solicitations, and it is highly restrictive. This is a long answer, and this is where a consultant comes in.

10. Keep in mind that money management is not just about investing. It it is also about running a business, and also understanding law and compliance. Many states also require certified audits and will have a state securities auditor come and visit you every 2 years. CPA certified audits are very expensive. They can exceed your entire college tuition. Know the costs and handle the risks before jumping in the water.

Once all this is done, you will find it to be very challenging to get people to place money with you with no experience, esp as a student. You can make it however, and do well if you are naturally talented or have an amazing background with an impressive verified track record. Just cover all your bases first.

Good Luck!

Bertha Said:

Is it legal for a school to disclose student finance records to the student's teacher and his aid?

We Answered:

Get over it! If that is the worst that happens in your life you will be very lucky. WHAT RIGHTS, still in their minds you were not eligible to stay in the class until your payments were made. Negligence on the part of the person you talked to earlier, maybe but what are your damages?

Sara Said:

Could you check my letter to student finance. Is it right?

We Answered:

you will stand a better chance if you fix your spelling errors...

Irma Said:

Applied to a college in England and one in Scotland: what about student financial support?

We Answered:

You apply for your college whether it is in England or Scotland through Student Finance England (assuming you live in England). You only apply to SA AS if you actually live in Scotland.

On the form you can only put one of the college places on the application form. If you change your mind once you have submitted your form you can then ask for a Change of Circumstances form. You do not have to fill in another application form.

Hope that helps : )

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church solicitation letter sample said:

Student Finance are very necessary for students. The client support is really bad. I recommend you keep contacting them up again and again until you get through to someone that can help. I had to cellphone several periods.

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