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Student Finance Sign In

Allen Said:

student loans and signing on....?

We Answered:

Sorry unable to help... Wish her luck.... hopefully the grants and student loans come in soon

Mathew Said:

Not able to sign in to student finance?

We Answered:

I just had exactly the same question this morning!

I rang the, and they sorted it out for me:
0845 300 5090

Good luck!

Glenn Said:

college student planning to co-sign to buy house?

We Answered:

On the fafsa application.

Your credit scores/history had nothing to do with you getting financial aid as long as you don't plan on taking out those EVIL private student loans. Federal loans do not require a credit check but private ones do. If you do take out private loans, the likely hood of you being approved for a student loan may be limited by your debt to income ratio, depending on how much you finance.

On filling out the fafsa form.
You DO have to report the net worth of property you own (not your home you live in, but this would include everything except that). Net worth equals value minus debt... do if you own an investment property that is worth 20K and you owe 20K on it, then your net worth for property would be zero.

If you own an investment house that is worth 120K and you owe 20K then your net worth would be 100K.

PS. Anyone is eligible for student loans regardless of income, so if you don't qualify for free grant money now, this investment isn't likely going to change that.
Good luck.

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