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Student Finance Spreadsheet

Claude Said:

want to open a buisness...where do i start?...Can someone help me out??!!?

We Answered:

A degree isn't necessary to own your own business. If you work in an industry and learn the ropes, you can establish or purchase a like business. Many times "on the job training" more than qualifies a person to be a business owner and quite frankly the experienced gained is far more valuable than someone with a degree with no experience. Of course accounting knowledge is required be it via experience, adult night school, or formal education. Good luck.

Grace Said:

please help how can I change this resume...what job should i look for?

We Answered:

i can help you on this if you are willing to work as a part time worker,
for my company.
and am willing to pay a good amount for very hour...
get back to me privately for more infor about the company.
hope to hear from you as soon as possible.

Olga Said:

Career change - Civil Engineering ?

We Answered:

I would say only go for it if you have given it a lot of thought. If you think you will truly enjoy this job and can handle going back to college then it will be worth it in the end. However if youre the sort of person who gives up on things easily (like me!) then do not do it because you will be wasting a lot of money. If you are one of those people that give up on things then go or doing a masters degree in economics. A lot of the men I work with (I work for jacobs an engineering firm) got into engineering around your age and older so do not worry about coming into the job later on. Do not stay at a job you dont enjoy you will definatley regret it. Good luck.

Jim Said:

What are some good ways to better manage my finances?

We Answered:

do a budget which should include your daily, weekly, monthly, etc. expenses. to get a good idea as to how much you spend. make this your budget and stick to it. create an emergency set aside in case you go over or forgot to add something to your budget. Be sure to add the exact amount your with to save as well. If your student loan interest rate isn't high, you may want to find way to invest the extra money It may have a better return on it. Also make sure you are maxing out your 401k plan. There's a much more you can do. this is just a few thing you can think about. I do posting on from time to time regarding this topic.

Nina Said:

major in finance???

We Answered:

Professors aren't bashing students over things like least you should not consider it a bashing. The thing is you should have known what those things were before you even decided to major in that. I do not have a degree in finance but I know ALL about those things. If anyone majors in finace and deos not know what those tings are they shouldnt be there because they are just wasting their money and making colleges and student loan companies rich.

You want some useful books? Then check out the books you will be reading your jr and sr year. That is the best place to start. If you got any time left over check out the news and magazines. Read a finance for dummies book. Read anything that has to do with the great depression and inflation. or any book that talks about China's economy.

Peter Said:

I have a neat idea for starting a college club, but i need help/advice?

We Answered:

Nonprofits have all the same needs as for-profit businesses. They have human resources management, accounting, strategic planning, marketing, facilities management, IT management, etc. Many also have sales (nonprofit theaters, nonprofit dance companies and museums sell tickets and maybe even classes; Goodwill sells items through its stores that fund its programs). Many nonprofits welcome volunteers (who often call themselves pro bono consultants) to help in any of these areas.

Pro Bono / In-Kind / Donated Services for Mission-Based Organizations
When, Why & How?…

Discuss It!

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