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Lynn Said:

What hard drives can I change to ?

We Answered:

You can hold up to 1TB and still have a stable system. (using 2TB of HD space is almost impossible unless you run a server)

on the other hand just a 500gb HD for a laptop is about the same price to get a new laptop

Julian Said:

Who has the better computer?

We Answered:

Your grandfather as a slightly faster processor and has a better graphic card that not borrowing the 512 mbs of ram.

The only advantage your computer has is the advanced security that vista offers, but lacks the features of the windows xp media edition or the rest of vista OS.
(although someone should fire the guy that deviced to put in the bare min of ram for vista)

Jared Said:

Can this laptop play left 4 dead or crysis?

We Answered:

yes it will , the configuration is good go ahead and chill

Andrea Said:

Why do Americans continue to support such stupid drug laws? Why keep banning things if it doesn't work?

We Answered:

people support the drug laws because they think it makes them safe, but the whole damn thing is a for profit game and the tax payer and innocent bystanders are the biggest losers in this game.

Edna Said:

is my HP Pavilion dv2945se Notebook PC has a good processor than the core 2 duo processor

We Answered:

the processor is more of a personal preference you know, like some people like ford and other people like chevy. the only possible difference in the processor is its speed (ghz) but it is a good buy

Tammy Said:

Can someone read a policy i created for an advocacy speech? it regards California and the budget crisis. ?

We Answered:

You have made some good points. But if I may suggest, put your points down one by one instead of mashing them all together. Also use your spell checker or a dictionary.

You might consider using a outline format. In otherwords, this is the problem...then here is an example of the problem...and lastly, here is the solution.

Title: Budget Crisis Endangers Vital Programs

1. Education cuts
a. Teacher positions being eliminated. (then the what and why)
b. Classes eliminated (then the what and why)
c. Potential solutions (Then state how to fix it)

2. Prison Costs
a. Inmate housing costs
b. Cost of new prisons
c. Potential solutions.

Keep in mind that your solutions must be reasonable and practical. How for example would you treat criminals if not to put them in prisons? Can you come up with a plan to have them work in community service positions or some other means of having control of them so they can't keep on doing what they were doing.

You are doing an excellent job. Just tweak it a little. Good luck.

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