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Student Finance Study Abroad

Victor Said:

Financing Summer Study Abroad?

We Answered:


If you really wish to travel and study abroad, you must seriously look at your financial situation. As you stated, your school tuition is one of the cheapest in that state, but be aware that you have to pay the $5,000 and the leisure costs do add up. Student loans are by far the easiest option if you are not able to obtain the financial support needed in-order to fund to trip abroad.

You must remember that the value of the Dollar in comparison to the Euro is less, thus meaning you would essentially need to bring enough money with you to eat, travel (i.e. bus and underground), and shopping when the occasion strikes you. The $5,000 is about what you should expect to spend for the initial trip, but again you need to have money on hand when you would arrive.

Taking out Stafford Loans and other Federal or Private Loans are pretty much what every college student has to do in life to learn, so your going to end up paying them back just like the rest of us. Paris is indeed a beautiful place to travel and to say you have been there for 2 months is a neat fact. Going overseas, without parents builds character and independence, something that looks bright in the eyes of employers when you begin applying to jobs.

Different culture, different life, great experience. I say go for it, you only live once. Hope this helps!! Take Care!!

Bradley Said:

What's are my best finance options for studying abroad?

We Answered:

My Bro recently got there by taking a loan and then working on the campus to pay off the bills of being a student, so unless you can get a working permit as well you may have to do the same.

Martin Said:

How does a South African student get sponsorship or financing in the form of a loan to study abroad?

We Answered:

Hello Every One,
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Kristina Said:

Are students from UK financed for studying abroad?

We Answered:

Unfortunately the government will not fund your education abroad. The only possible way to get that is for your employer to sponsor you and pay the cost, other than that you are on your own.

Eric Said:

Is it possible to get an UK student loan and then go and study abroad with the finance?

We Answered:

yes if the study abroad is a part of your UK course. and you may also get an erasmus grant too ( i assume that organisation is still running)

I studied in France for a trimestre ( sep - jan ) - 'Erasmus' gave me the same money again as my student grant paid out (approx £900 for a trimestre) when i did it and i took a loan as well (another £900 ). Erasmus may also have extra budget available at the end of the year and you may be offered the opportunity to make a claim for any unforeseen expenses. again i did and got a further £150.

if you don't know of 'Erasmus' ask you may be happy with the news. (my apologies if this info is out of date)

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