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Student Finance Table

Jose Said:

Please explain the job opportunities of finance and/or economics majors?

We Answered:

For best job prospects, I would do either a double major, or a major in one and a minor in the other. You will need to take at least calculus in both majors. Depending upon where you go, finance requires the least math. There is really not any way around math requirements. Both financiers and economists use math. If you really want to pursue either of these majors, get with a tutor in math and learn to be a great math student!

Myrtle Said:

Is it possible to make friends through Facebook?

We Answered:

Sure you can !!!
Facebook isn't just one big site; it's made up of lots of separate networks based around things like schools, companies, and regions and the best things is you can register for Facebook with any email address! Once you register, there are many ways to find your friends, like using our Search and Browse features.
You can even do a profile search or see the profiles of your classmates or coworkers on the site, be sure to use your school or work email to register. You can search for anyone on Facebook, but you can only see profiles of your friends and people in your networks.
another best way to make friends is random chat or icq people search.match their profile with the kind of friends ure looking for and drop them a line or send an authorization request.
there is a huge sea of people waiting to be your friends.
good luck

Sean Said:

How easy is it to get approved for a car loan from BofA?

We Answered:

If you're thinking of buying a new car, or a new-to-you car, and will be taking out a loan, be sure you've got your bases covered. It's not enough to simply have an idea of who you're going to call for the loan. If you do a little bit of homework you can determine how likely you are to receive the money you'll need to buy the car.

First of all, have you figured out how much you can afford to pay each month? The easiest way to find this out is to take your monthly income, divide it in half, then subtract your rent or mortgage payment from that half. Whatever is left is what you, theoretically, can afford to pay. Remember though, this has to include your insurance payment as well. If you're not sure what that will potentially be, do some research.

Roy Said:

what excel functions do people in finance/accounting companies use?

We Answered:

Excel is a very powerful tool for financial analysis. In addition to learning pivot tables (a must!), also familiarize yourself with these important financial and investment-related functions before your interviews:

1. Net Present Value: =NPV()
2. Future Value: =FV()
3. Periodic payment required to amortize a loan over a specified number of periods: =PMT()
4. Interest part of an individual payment made to repay an amount over a specific time period: =IPMT()
5. The number of periods required to amortize a loan: =NPER()
6. Straight-line depreciation for an asset: =SLN()

Try typing each one of these into an Excel cell; the software will prompt you with which "Arguments" (see examples below) you will need to plug into each function and in what order. The arguments can be raw values or references to values in other cells: either way will work.

Argument examples:
1. Future value of an investment
2. Number of periods (investment terms)
3. Payment
4. Type: when payment is to be made at end of period (0) or beginning of period (1)
5. Period: number of an individual periodic payment
6. Present value of an investment
7. Rate: discount or interest rate
8. Finance rate: the rate at which you borrow money to purchase an investment
9. Reinvestment rate: the rate at which you reinvest cash received from an investment

Elizabeth Said:

I have a question about stocks...could someone help me answer the question using yahoo finance?

We Answered:

Q 1 no splits in the last 5 years

Q 2 is 1600 shares there was 4 2:1 splits with 100 share to start, that would double at each split.

100 to 200 19-Jun-95 [2:1],
200 to 400 14-Jul-97 [2:1],
400 to 800 12-Apr-99 [2:1],
800 to 160031-Jul-00 [2:1]

this is supposing that NO shares were purchased after the initial 100 shares

Q 3 approx 10% give or take

Q 4 it is slightly higher for both.

Andrew Said:

I am trying to get all of my debt off the table so I can pay more on my student loans. ?

We Answered:

Just do the math: You owe $17,000.00. The vehicle is worth $11,000.

Buy a new car for $10,000 (plus taxes), less trade in of $11,000 (your numbers) plus what you owe on trade $17,000:
($10,000 - $11,000) + $17,000 = $16,000. (plus taxes)

You will owe way more than the $10,000 car is worth, and I doubt you will be able to borrow that amount (would be about 160% of value on new car!)

People always want to forget about having to pay the amount they owe ($17,000 in your case), but that is what has to be paid in order to get a lien released on the title and trade it in or sell it.

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