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Student Finance Tel

Esther Said:

can somebody please translate english to afrikaans?

We Answered:

Ek dink jy beter jou huiswerk self doen, pellie!

Donald Said:

i am student of mba (finance) in not so renowned B school.?

We Answered:

I am also an MBA from a not renowned B School, so i understand your situation. Just don't loose hope, there are lot of opportunities around. Right thing to do is to keep in touch with your references in the industry, be in the big city and trying to learn from all of your interviews, even if you succeed in them. Apart from this, its all luck. And one final thing, be sure of all the things u write in your resume, don't write something u don't know. In short, be completely sure about yourself, gives you confidence and at the end Job, confidence matters alot.

Jack Said:

Please help me regarding the decision to go to US?

We Answered:

Well having an MS in computer science will be great. I will suggest to also get your MBA in project management. If you can do a double major MS/MBA program. In my graduate school I met people from all over the world who came to my university to obtain their graduate degree. If you already have your BS in computer science, I would say get your MBA. In terms of computer science what really matters is your job experience but to run the show you will need to show that you have leadership skills that is where the MBA comes in (Earning power 100k+ USD). Computer science guys are always in demand but you need experience. You can get that by doing internships. Good Luck!!!!


Fernando Said:

what are the job prospects in london uk for a masters in international finance?

We Answered:

The unemployment situation in the UK is currently very serious with university graduates taking jobs in McDonalds sweeping the floor and clearing away after customers

Warren Said:

APPLYING for ACCA Where? How? When?

We Answered:

Look at this…

and this…

I think it should clear the air.

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Wisata Pulau Pramuka said:

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