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Student Finance Telephone

June Said:

Am I able to appeal and collect benefits for the time period I was unemployed in California?

We Answered:

Why not go.
First off, did you earn enough money last year, during the qualifying periods, if you dont know the answer to this question, then you most likely were denied due to insufficient funds.
Were you laid off from a job, a job that was paying the proper taxes etc to qualify to get you UI benefits?

You usually get denied, due to lack of funds during the qualifying periods, or because the employer was not doing their part paying the right taxes etc,

Right now money is the issue and the state wants to hear your available to work, period. You on your own know the hours your able to work. Many go to school full time and work full time, so if this is not you and how you answer them regarding school, then you get denied.
When on UI, you simply apply to jobs that you know the hours, you dont apply for jobs you know in your heart you just cant do!

If you have no money, quit school and get a full time job and continue your education later on.
You if you have no new car, or sellable property, can get at least food stamps and medical possibly depending on your situation.

Go to the court, push that you are able to look for work, you are and always have been actively looking for work, weather one full time job or a few pt jobs to make a full work schedule. Stop stressing school and push about work.

You are allowed to make money and still get UI beneifits if it falls into the range allowed, the new job doesnt matter yet ok. Go to court.

Have you applied for work? Take the time to write down to the best of your ability a time line of jobs applied for.
List date or week or month
List name and address, phone number, any person you spoke with
website, type of job position, pay per hour if known, print any confirming emails that an application was accepted,
Do this for each month, each week list something, it must be verifiable.

Lewis Said:

Is this college course any good?

We Answered:

Have a look at - might as well start with the apprenticeship and get the L2 or 3 in a real world environment, earning a wage and gaining valuable experience for your cv.

Guaranteed an interview doesn't really mean a lot as it might be for a job with someone you really don't want to work for!

Also, officially starting in April 09 is the Governments new National Apprenticeship service, but it will have a soft launch for potential learners in January and at its core will be a vacancy matching service allowing employers and providers to advertise Apprenticeship job vacancies nationally and also allow potential applicants to search anywhere in england across any sector.

If you click through the website you should be able to get more info.

Also, if your under 19 talk to connexions as they should hold info as well.

Reginald Said:


We Answered:

Check out… for practice CFA exams

Frances Said:

what should i look for in a college with majoring in business?

We Answered:

It depends on what your goals/expectations are. Do you plan to be a CEO for a fortune 500 business? Or do you plan to run your own business. It also depends on how much you are willing to pay to go to that college.……

Lawrence Said:

I am embarrassed about being poor...?

We Answered:

Dear Clair, I really love your TV show. Okay seriously, I'd like you to go to Barnes and Nobel. Spend some relaxing time reading or looking through Dave Ramsey's book TOTAL MONEY MAKE OVER. If you don't get excited, read some more.

Many of us (millions) have gone through this, you will get through too, and sooner than you think. But listen to the book, and make yourself a monthly budget so you know in advance how you are going to spend your hard-earned money, and get out of debt.

Just to high light it, you have an income, write it down at the top of a column. Under that you schedule your normal bills, like food, doctor, and normal utilities. Subtract those, and see what is left. Now on another piece of paper, list your debts, loans, etc. smallest to biggest. While paying your regular bills, try to concentrate on paying everything you can to eliminate the smallest bill. When you pay it off, use the money you were paying off the smallest and pay off the second bill. As you eliminate each little bill you have some to pay off the next and so on.

I understand the stress, but you will come out of this, I promise. Be patient with yourself, and use the budget system to move on with your debt.

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