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Student Finance Track

Hector Said:

What is a good way of organizing my finances?

We Answered:

Megan, don't get lazy about your finances. Your going to college to better your future, right? Getting lazy about your finances will just be a set back for all your hard work you are doing in college. You will find yourself in an endless cycle of stress if you aren't on top of your finances. Finances should be top priority. Being smart by going to college was a great investment. Don't blow it by being lax with your finances.

William Said:

I am student of MBA Finance. which track I have to take to learn Oracle? DBA or AD ?

We Answered:

go to and choose Education on the left side of the page.
and find the many options you need

Helen Said:

What are the implications of leaving uni and not informing Student Finance?

We Answered:

They just want the money.
Say nothing now unless they come to you.
Pay them and say nothing about dropping out unless you have to.

Marshall Said:

How do I compute compounded interest on a spreadsheet?

We Answered:

I actually cannot assist with the formula on the spreadsheet, but what I do is just calculate it on… -- then I add it to my spreadsheet. I update it once every few months as I'm able to pay more on debt or whatever.

Brenda Said:

Good excel worksheet to keep track of spending for college student?

We Answered:

Build your own... it's very easy. Start with keeping your check register up to date in a file. Then add any other accounts you have. Total everything up at the end of each month, and you'll have it.

Kim Said:

Alternatives to student finance?

We Answered:

Write articles on the internet and make money with them.

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