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Student Finance Travel Grant

Stephanie Said:

Is it too late to apply for uni accomodation and maintenance loans that are available for student residents?

We Answered:

Firstly I think you're right to want to be there - even though you obviously have to pay for it, it's totally worth it and would be so different if you were to stay with your family.

You need to get in touch with the uni first to ask about student accommodation in halls and if there are any places left. At this time you will probably be put on a waiting list (as there are always people who drop out early on) but it's worth asking just in case they have spaces. Also look around for adverts for shared houses, which are almost like living in halls, as there are always adverts pinned up around or on flatshare websites during the summer.

You should only contact the student loan people once your circumstances have changed - so maybe when you've signed the contract for the new place, but not moved in yet. As you've already applied and your course/uni etc has gone through, it won't mean a massive wait like it would if you were only just applying now, it would just mean a few days while they sort out your changes so that's no bother for you. As for fresher's week, there are things happening in the day that you can be involved in, but it's not like that's the only time you'll get to meet people. There's always socials and events going on, so as long as you make an effort in your classes to make friends you won't be missing out on much in the long term.

Virgil Said:

need help with any money available for students at college?

We Answered:

The first site below gives you definitions and explains about grants, scholarships and loans that you may qualify. The second site below teaches "how" and "where" to look for grants and scholarships with techniques and links.

Dan Said:

can i get some type of help or funding from the university for travelling over 41 miles?

We Answered:

Unfortunately not. You may get a little something from your university but that will be given to most people on your course and won't be because of your traveling. Best to just contact them and ask if they are giving your course any grants/ bursaries this year. A lot don't, so you may just have to get a part-time job.

Ricky Said:

I really REALLY can't afford university! Any ideas?

We Answered:

OK your answer is you don't have many options here are a few:

1. Defer your place and save up for a year. That way when you go you will have some money saved up for 2010.

2. Convince your parents to loan you the money on the understanding that you will pay them back on graduation.

3. It is expected by your LEA that your parents make some contribution towards your tertiary education. Make sure your parents are aware of this. Why are they now refusing to pay?

4. If your parents still won't help you then you need to contact the LEA (or whoever is responsible for the issuing loans- I'm in Scotland and it's slightly different) and inform them that you are no longer dependent on your parents. Then their income will not count on your application (so max loan for you).

5. Come to a Scottish University - fees are much lower than in England and then you'll have more money to spread around

RE: Getting a Job : yes, do this is in 1st year for extra cash, but after that you will struggle with your uni work if you have a job at the same time.

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