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Student Finance Ucas

Shelly Said:

Student Finance problem!?

We Answered:

Student finance are a right bunch of idiots, :) I know some of my friends have had problems due to the large amount of people going to uni this last year. Advice would be to finish the year, I hated my first year didn't get on with most of my flat mates, they were *****, and wasn't sure bout the course. Know I love it, I would try and finish the year if you could. Will look good for future employment as well, it shows you didn't give up even tho you didn't enjoy it...

Not sure about having to pay the loan back mind, I was told that you had to earn more than 15k per annum to start repaying

sorry cant be more help

Sergio Said:

Do you put your AS Level results in your UCAS application?

We Answered:

Yes but they come under "A Levels". You have a choice to put individual results in for the modules you did that go towards the whole A Level.... so the modules you did for AS and then A2.

Leo Said:

What is the UCAS Code for Bexley College?

We Answered:

It looks to me as though you apply directly to the college, as there is a link with an application form (see below).

Why not call them on their course hotline and check:
01322 404000

Randy Said:

On the Student Finance website it wants me to give details of details of the university course Im doing.?

We Answered:

Well you'll just have to save it & finish it when you do know.

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