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Student Finance Uk Address

Jeff Said:

Student loan for us citizen living abroad?

We Answered:

As a US citizen, you are eligible for a student loan to attend an accredited school in the US. Credit history is not a factor in determining eligibility, but need is.

Your need will be determined when you file a FAFSA, Free Application for Federal Student Aid ( You may apply online and the application is free. Never pay for someone to process it for you; that's a scam.

The info provided on the FAFSA will determine your eligibility for a student loan subsidized and guaranteed by the US. government. If you are not eligible, there are other options, like a PLUS loan, etc. But the school can fill you in on all that. File your FAFSA first and see where that puts you.

Keep in mind that your target school must be accredited and approved by the US Dept of Education for it to be eligible for federal aid, so do check that.

The school very likely has established relationships with regional or national lenders in the student loan program. Terms are standard so the only issue would be customer service, and I think they are all about the same. So start with the school to find a lender. (Today most banks are out of the student loan business, so don't bother inquiring of individual lenders.)

Victor Said:

ive been in london for more than 3 years, why am i still not eligible for the home fees?

We Answered:

Well I can see where you're coming from.Your dad is a diplomat in the UK..Unfortunately you are unable to receive the educational benefits of a british subject.Your father should be able to make representation to his employer,for your educational expenses.Surely you don't think the british taxpayer is liable for your education.Further when you are suitably qualified,you return home and they(home country)get the benefit of your knowledge for free.Why not apply for british citizenship?Take it from there.

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