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Student Finance Uk

Nelson Said:

Do you have to apply for student finance in the UK before you send in your ucas application?

We Answered: is a good place to start - there's an on-line calculator too which is really helpful.

If you are applying to start Uni in Sept 2010 you need to apply to UCAS now, and you should be able to get help from the college you are currently studying at - your course tutor.

You then start doing your finance applications from February 2010.

Good luck.

Dean Said:

Been accepted to uni, when should i start applying for student finance? (UK)?

We Answered:

as soon as possible, I got told this week at college you can start applying for it now.

Chad Said:


We Answered:

Ok calm down if you worry that is you beat. I absolutely hate student finance. I'm applying for a continuation for my second year and it's terrible. I had to send off 4 different applications.

Anyways. the declaration part is on the sheets where you request the amount of tuition loan and maintenance loan forms. It should be on the back of these pages you need to sign and date it.

Your sponsors are also on these pages. You need to fill in the address of two different people who don't live in the same place. However you shouldn't have to get their signatures I would find out more about that. The point in the sponsors is that in case you move house or die or are in hospital for a long period of time say they can update Student finance and change your details so you won't have to pay for that period.

However there is a disclaimer saying that they will not be contacted so I can't comprehend why you need a signature. But I can't be 100% sure I am using Student Finance NI. But I'm guessing it's the same forms.

Laurie Said:

When is the deadline to apply for student finance (UK) .going to uni in September?

We Answered:

it depends on whether you want to give financial details or not. If you choose not to give financial details about your home life. The deadline is the end of April. If you do choose to give financial details it's the end of June. YOu can still get finance afterwards but chances are you wont get it for the start of your first year at uni. You'll get it closer too Christmas. I applied at the end of June and i'm still waiting on my loan coming through.

Dale Said:

How do change the amount of maintenance loan asked from student finance? UK only?

We Answered:

i would call them.
It all depends on the reason for wanting less maintenance loan i guess.
if you wanna call them, the number is:
0845 300 5090. good luck getting through!

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