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Student Finance Wale

Cynthia Said:

How has a labour government got away with the new student finance arrangements?

We Answered:

If she was estranged from you, you wouldnt be expected to top up her expenses. Im not saying you should do anything about it, just saying.
Otherwise, its an unfair system. Education is supposed to be free, as is healthcare etc. But it aint. And the government have made sure you cant put student loans into a bankruptcy petition (cos its 'public money') so theres no escaping it in later years. They also seem to be lowering the level of earnings at which you have to repay the earlier style loans (like I have). Bearing in mind of course that the govt all went to Uni when they had no fees to pay and got grants whatever.

Carol Said:

Student finance wales????

We Answered:

Check Student Finance Wales…

Holly Said:

EMA/Student finance wales help?

We Answered:

for that you should see
i hope that resolve your problem. i have also experienced this web on

Donna Said:

What to do about Student finance for university?

We Answered:

Yes there is a dead line if he wants it by September. Student finance really messed up last year and I didn't get mine till December even though I applied in April!!! So it needs to be sorted urgently to avoid problems.
Anyway - go online to the student finance website and it will take you through step by step.
Every student gets a basic loan if they ask for it, there are various questions you will be asked such as do you want to apply for a grant - this is extra money which you don't have to pay back. You will then have to send financial proof of the household income so things like P60s and stuff and then they will assess exactly how much your son will be entitled to.
Alternatively you can request to be sent a paper form to fill out, but I would strongly adivse against this as they have a habit of "losing" things. Another bit of adivce - photocopy EVERYTHING you send to them as proof you have sent it.
Good luck.

Joann Said:

Failed Uni first time round, eligible for student finance going back?

We Answered:

Well, it's not exactly the same, but my sister had to repeat her first and second years. She got funding for the first year but not for the second time. I understand that the rule is that you can have the number of years of your degree plus one extra year, which she used up the first time she failed. This year she has to support herself but when she makes it into third year she will get loans again. We're in the UK. I don't know how much difference that makes.
I guess the only way you will know for sure is when you apply. It will probably make a difference if you just failed first year or if you went all the way through the course before failing finals.
I know you said you've been through all the websites but would it be worth calling your LEA and talking through your application?
Good luck. I hope uni goes better for you second time round (I'm a mature student too, three years late, and it makes a huge difference to how you do in your courses. I'm so glad I'm at uni now I'm ready for it and not when I was 18 as I would probably have failed too).
All the best.

Nora Said:

student finance for university?

We Answered:

You can apply online to your LEA in London through the Student Finance Direct website -

Click "I am planning to go into higher education" then "How to apply online"

If you want to fill in a paper version, click on "Find my local authority" on the main page and you can phone/e-mail them to send one to you.

To prove your identity they might need you to send your birth certificate or passport, although if they are at home I'm sure your parents could send them on your behalf.

If you are applying for any sort of income assesed grant, or the last 25% of the maintenance loan you will need to supply your parents income (they will be sent a seperate form after you have started the application process to do this), and they will more than likely have to send their P60.

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