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Student Finances Direct

Karen Said:

Do English university students get a maintinance loan or grant during a placement year?

We Answered:

Hello Every One,
I am Loveth Maxwell by name, i live in USA, just a few month ago i was in search for a loan of $ 30,000 Dollars, as my family was running out of money for feeding and my education. i was scammed about $4,500 Dollars and i decided not to involve my self in such business again , finally A colleague of my introduced me to a loan firm due to my appearance and doings. I made a trial and i am most grateful am i today, i was given a loan amount of 40,000 Dollars by this great firm Scott Micro finace managed by Mr.Scott Spencer.
If you are in need of a ganuine or legit loan or financial assistance and you can be reliable and trusted of capable of paying back at the due time of the funds i will advice you to, contact him via email.
and you will be free from scams in the internet.

Mae Said:

student finance direct - i still aint got my money? uk only?

We Answered:

i am in the same situation, i am getting deeper into debt than ever before because i cant pay my rent until i get my student finance.

Jeff Said:

Can I just update my bank details online [Student Finance Direct]?

We Answered:

I'm afraid you can't change your details that way: from your new surname to a simple change of address, everything needs to pass through the branch (going there directly, hopefully not during the midday queue) or calling them (and they should hopefully reply asap). All the best!

Antonio Said:

What's going on with student loan?

We Answered:

Yes. The Stupid Loans Company are notorious for botching things up and this year there's been a problem sending out payment schedules on time. I work for a Local Authority and I'm sick of their incompetence.

Best bet might be to speak to your local authority, but their phone lines are a lot busier as a result of this mistake.…

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