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Student Loan Finance Corporation

Max Said:

Do corporations hire people with duis or should I just try to find work at McDonalds?

We Answered:

Most corporations want wholly respectable people working for them, not saying all are that way.
The best thing to do is just go through the interview process, stand up and admit wrong, then show that you have been clean for 2 years, a standard drug and alcohol test will prove that.
For the most part as long as the charges were expunged and since it was misdemeanors they most likely will have very little to say.

Get a letter of recommendation from your current employers, your pastor and your school, most likely this will help some in the search, work whatever you need to in order to pay your bills but the whole time trying to find better employment.

Glenda Said:

Where is the change Obama promised and why is the left oblivious to his campaign that got him elected?

We Answered:

I swear to you these nuts do not care. I promise you if you told them and showed them the failure that is happening they just would not care. They believe what was said and they do not care if it is or is not actually happening. They made history and that is all they trully cared about. It does not matter if its going to be great for America. They just wanted the history.

Oh good lord Michael I would love to hear what you think the left is.

Victoria Said:

Will you review my essay please?

We Answered:

Larger businesses can afford to take on smaller retail prices due to the fact that they afford to buy larger quantities at one time. And afford to store them. They also get some beneficial tax breaks that enable them to do so as well. The smaller companies, in general cannot afford to offer the same retail prices because they cannot afford to buy the same quantity nor store it nor turn it over as quickly.
Only 80% that is a good number. I'm satisfied with that. Take note that you can only satisfy only 80% of you clientele if one can manage that then they are successful.
Education is important, but, edumacation is also important. Take the time to understand consumer needs and that will give you your best of leads.

Carol Said:

Why is everyone against bankruptcy?

We Answered:

Not everybody is "against bankruptcy." In fact Congress is not "against" it, which is why we have bankruptcy laws (bankruptcy law is Federal law). Since Congress is elected by the people, I guess one could say that the majority is NOT "against bankruptcy." If the majority really disapproved, it could elect representatives to Congress who would do away with our bankruptcy laws.

Here is an excellent argument about why bankruptcy is GOOD for the economy (not tongue in cheek -- for real):…

Vicki Said:

Will you review my essay please?

We Answered:

The current economic conditions have smothered the nation in a blanket of fear. Many people fear that the downed financial markets and the loss of jobs will lead to another depression.

But even though the unemployment rates are rising and the crisis in the stock market will make for a difficult year, the current situation is still not close to what occurred in the 1930's. This fear of a recession is what aided the current recession. People are afraid of losing their jobs, so they began saving their money. This decrease in consumer spending increased layoffs. We caused the recession but we can also fix it.

Large corporations such as the "big box" stores have always had the advantage over smaller, individually-owned businesses. With their outside investors, they have a greater number of resources to fall back on when needed. The single goal of large businesses is to create a profit, often at the unintentional expense of the economy.

For example, these corporations look for cheaper labor costs and the consequent increase in perceived profit by sending jobs overseas. But exporting jobs increases domestic unemployment. People are now unable to purchase these corporations' goods, leaving the companies with a loss. These losses are what created the need for the government bailouts in September 2008. The government has to get the money from somewhere though, and taxing working people makes them unable or unwilling to do much spending -- leaving us in a continuous cycle.

Small business owners without wealthy investors to finance their business pursuits depend on bank loans to start up. When the mortgage crisis occurred, the banks were more selective about their borrowers, leaving small business owners without many options.

Small businesses that are already running are having a harder time making a profit. Society is spending less and small businesses are having trouble staying afloat; many do not make it. Even in a normal economy, only 80% of small businesses succeed past their first year. It is even harder in these trying economical times.

As a high school student living with my parents, I have very few financial responsibilities. However, I am aware that this economy may not change by the time I get out of school, so I want to be as prepared for it as possible. My education will be a very important factor in my future. If I want to succeed in the business world, I need to have a solid college education to allow me to cope with anything the economy throws at me.
Finding the right places for paragraphs was difficult for this essay because the paragraphs have no structure. Most of your sentences are undeveloped "topic sentences" strung together with no elaboration.

For example, I thought that your essay was going to detail the differences between the current economic situation and the Great Depression because you wrote this: "Even though the unemployment rates are rising and the crises in the stock market will make for a difficult year it is still no where near what occurred in the 1930's." But you just wrote it and then dropped it, never to mention it again.

Then I thought that your essay was going to be on this topic: " We caused the recession but we can also fix it." But it turned out to be just another topic sentence you wrote and then dropped without ever mentioning it again.

This is what makes your essay seem unfocused and meandering. It seems like the title of this piece would be "Some Random Stuff I Remember From Class," or maybe, "I Don't Have Anything to Say on This Topic."

Your essay would be vastly improved if it had a narrow focus that you developed properly. I think you could dismiss the "business" part of the assignment with one or two strong paragraphs, and then dig deeper for the part about how it affects you. Make up some details about curtailing your own spending, inability to find a job, and your parents' actions. If you develop this topic, you will have a much better paper.

NOTE: It is not uncommon for the openings and endings of essays to be weak, as you noticed yourself. Very often the remedy is just to delete them when you are proofreading.

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