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Student Loan Online

Glenn Said:

Should I get a student loan or a regular loan?

We Answered:

You should look for a car or personal loan.

If refused, go with a Student loan, and put your study termination date as far as you can

Good luck !

Esther Said:

Best Student Loan for online college?

We Answered:


This is known as a "non-certified" educational loan. To the best of my knowledge, the only major lender that is offering this type of loan right now is Wells Fargo - they call this their Education Connection loan.

I will warn you that it is very difficult to be approved for this loan without a cosigner. Lenders consider this type of loan to be "high risk", and they're very, very picky about which applicants they approve. If you have extraordinarily high income and a surprisingly well-established and positive credit history for a college student, you may be approved for a non-certified loan without a cosigner. If you're a typical college student, I can pretty much guarantee that you'll need a very high credit cosigner to be approved.

Generally, though, the "best" loan is the one offered by any legitimate lender that will approve you for an educational loan. Though certified loans are somewhat more available than non-certified forms of borrowing, it still takes really solid income and assets and a great credit history to be approved for a student loan in the very tough current borrowing market.

Good luck!

Emma Said:

Where can I get a student loan online?

We Answered:

you can go to and they have a really great loan finder which lets you compare all the student loans out there. Hope this helps!

Minnie Said:

Should I get a STUDENT LOAN or a regular loan?

We Answered:

Put in when u are finished with everything and apply for student loan.... way way smaller interest rate.

Brandy Said:

i pay my student loan online, how can i make sure the money goes toward the principal, not interest?

We Answered:

Whenever you make a payment on anything (car loan, credit card, student loan, etc) your payment will first be applied to any interest or fees you owe, and then the remainder goes to principal. If you make an extra payment on top of what you owe, that money goes straight toward the principal.

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