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Student Loans For Bad Credit

Nellie Said:

Are there ways to get student loans, if you have bad credit?

We Answered:

Student loans don't really affect your credit, and they lend based on "need" not what you qualify for. In the eyes of government lenders, you're bettering your education and society. It's "good debt" and I'm sure they'll lend to you. Talk to your financial aid dept. at your school. They'll go through the gov't lenders. Good luck!

Corey Said:

I need help finding student loans with bad credit?

We Answered:

First thing, relax everything will be fine. I understand that you are worried about getting into school because you have not money.

Check out Sallie Mae to see have anything that may work for you. They are pretty reasonable and they work with people from different walks of life and different credit histories.

I hope this help.


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