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Student Support Finance

Troy Said:

would this person be entitled to student finance?

We Answered:

You didn't say how long you have been here or if you work, and both of these will have a bearing on any aid you may apply for. The first thing all colleges look at is the FAFSA which is the application for federal aid ( You need to fill this out in order to see what your expected contribution will be. A good thing is to have a/some college/s in mind and after completing the application, the results will be sent to those colleges you have chosen. I would check with the financial office of the college you plan to attend and have them get you started in the right direction. They also have equity grants etc. connected with their own college.

Good luck

Ann Said:

Why isn't my course showing up on student finance?

We Answered:

Go to the help section of the website.

Joe Said:

Student Finance support for FE not HE?

We Answered:

What is FE and HE?

Colleen Said:

can student finance support someone over 4years??

We Answered:

Student finance (which covers Student loans and grants) will fund you for an initial 4 years ONLY if you are taking a foundation / Level 0 year before your 3 years of degree and don't have a previous degree or any outstanding student loans.

They will ONLY fund you ONE extra year if you have failed a year and your Uni has sent you an offer to repeat the year. If this has happened you need to send your LEA (Local Education Authority) a notice of repeat study which you can get off your Uni, along with your completed forms for finance.

Roland Said:

Student finance support?

We Answered:

Check out the student loan program in the university you want to attend, almost all universities have financing available for students.

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