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Student Support Number Student Finance

Ross Said:

Someone that is good in algebra, stock exchange, shares, net loss etc. PLEASE HELP ME! IN DESPERATE NEED PLEAS?

We Answered:

if you don't' need the answers, why did you post those questions?
don't you have any classmates you can get together on work on them with?

Laura Said:

Where do I get support and financial help from in order to complete a successful sexual reassignment surgery??

We Answered:

Unfortunately I know nothing about your country, and can only suggest that you search for GLBT organisations in your area who may be able to give you advice.

It would be nice if one existed, but I very much doubt you will find any organisation which financially helps transitioning transsexual people. As far as I know there is no such thing, as all of the organisations for trans people that I have encountered are non-profit and have no money to offer. What you will almost certainly need to do if you don't want to wait until you have saved up the money yourself is take out a loan.

Bear in mind that genital surgery is not necessary for social transition. If you are on hormones, once they have taken some effect you can live comfortably as a woman, as no one will know what your genitals look like. I am also transsexual, though female-to-male, and I have been living happily as a man for years without having had genital surgery. I know that for many people it is important to them to make them feel complete, but if surgery would put you into financial difficulty, I think it would be worth trying to come to terms with where you are until you are financially secure.

I wish you the very best of luck!

Manuel Said:

Someone that is good with stock exchange, profit, net loss, etc. PLEASE HELP ME! IN NEED OF HELP!?

We Answered:

agree with u answers

Mattie Said:

Student girl needs help for her future?

We Answered:

I'm pretty sure it's illegal to solicit money on the internet unless you provide something. Maybe you should try selling on ebay, or donate plasma.

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