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Students Finance England

Pauline Said:

do american students have to paid tuition fees up front?

We Answered:

Yes, but just for that semester/quarter that you're registering for. If it costs $4,000/quarter/semester, you have to pay all of that or you will be dropped from your classes (unless you're on financial aid and have a separate payment plan), but you don't have to pay $32,000 for the whole 4 years of college up front.

Joe Said:

Does anyone know whats going on with student finance england?!!?

We Answered:

GRRRRR i HATE student finance. Theres obviously somthing seriously wrong happening - i think they need to employ more people. I got a letter through today telling me im not going to get a grant because they dont believe my dad only has one job! Good luck with them - i know how you feel!

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There are very few departments in England which do such things. And for them to happen on themselves is a rare occurance. I was honestly not expecting such smooth process during my time in there.

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