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Teaching Finance To High School Students

Troy Said:

What do I need to be a high school Economics teacher in Texas?

We Answered:

You may not need another degree but you would need education c;asses and perhaps some economics courses as well.

Contact your state education department for full information. You can find it from the list below.

Don Said:

I am an assistant basketball coach at a small college, Is this a good prerequisite for coaching high school?

We Answered:

I believe this is the wrong site to be asking this because this section of "basketball" is filled with 15 year olds and younger. They probably have no clue or understanding in what you just said and asked for.

Erica Said:

Whose Idea was it to make foreign languages mandatory in High school? (democrats or republicans?)?

We Answered:

I wasn't aware that foreign languages were mandatory. Students who take a course of study geared for those who wish to go to college are required. Even Latin which is often called a dead language is needed in fields such as medicine and law and in the Catholic priesthood. With such an influx of Latinos and other immigrants entering the country every year it would be very beneficial to be able to communicate. I won't answer all your questions but I agree there are some other areas of study that should be taught in our high schools. I suspect you don't like taking a foreign language and the school you attend may not offer all the subjects you are interested in. May I point out that curricula are formulated for the most number of students and are not necessarily geared to individuals. Someday you may be glad you took that foreign language.

Helen Said:

High School Teachers: Would you be interested in a fun business magazine to distribute to your students?

We Answered:

Well, Beach Blondie, I think it`s a brilliant idea. You should include topics such as buying a house, mortgage interest, home insurance, car insurance, wages, salary, deductions therefrom such as national insurance and tax, pensions, stocks, shares, investments......................... the list is endless, and we do nothing about it in school. I think the problem you will find is that teachers would just view it as another job to do among the million and one things they have to do already. It wouldn`t hit the top of their list of things to do ! Having said that, I wish you the best of luck with your idea, Twiggy.

Bryan Said:

Should High school education focus on more practical lessons?

We Answered:

You make very valid points about the items that you believe should be included in high school. Your points about exclusion are not as valid, however./

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