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Charlene Said:

Pre-med student majoring in business administration?

We Answered:

Finance and Accounting classes were tough on me personally. It does sound like a pretty heavy work load. The rest are fine and just require lots of memorizing.
I think being in both the business and the medical field is a great idea, you get the best of both worlds and you make lots of money. i have a friend who works as a nurse administrator and he's making a 6 figure salary.

Ann Said:

is there a site like to keep track of "potential" finances?

We Answered:

I think Intuit may have some software for that, if all else fails, you can visit your local bank and they'll play it all out for ya.

Perry Said:

MBA ( Finance & Banking ) by Indian Institute of Commerce and trade, Lucknow ?

We Answered:

MBA Finance & banking of iict lucknow
All courses of IICT are autonomous.
More than 15 countries students are already persuing IICT courses, since 1997.
IICT courses are highly recommended, reputed and accepted courses in industry/Corporate
sector for last 10 years.

There is no entrance test for admission. It is direct.
The Admission into the IICT Distance Learning Programs is open throughout the year and
you can enroll at any time if you meet the eligibility criteria.

centre for excellence in management education
Indian Institute of Commerce and Trade

website : , Email :
CORRESPONDENCE Autonomous Management Program

Courtney Said:

I am international student ! and already have so many bills to pay !!?

We Answered:

to be honest .. if you are an international student .. then why on earth do you need 7 thousand pounds for !!!why would you want to leave with out paying the bills and your bank??

you are here to study.. just study, pay you regular bills, like phone, Internet, fees, etc and then leave. If you took out loan or anything then pay it back and leave. honestly do you have the stomach to swindle someone else's money and then go away? remember its not your money. I don't mean to be rude but that's fact. give it a good hard think. i know deep down inside you don't want to use this money or else it would be a burden on your conscious forever. remember this comes under fraud.

yes the banks can track you .. they have your passport copy.. (remember you gave it in when you opened you account!!)

also if they raise a police complaint then you can be in serious trouble. even when you come back, they can find you. I saw it happen to many people whilst i was in bank.

Jon Said:

How to get my finances back on track? Have a terrible credit score.?

We Answered:

Join your local credit union. They are brilliant at helping members to get their finances back on track. Many in US offer nearly as many services as the bank, without the crippling fees. You may find that their interest rate is lower than you are paying now, and once you have been a member for the number of weeks they require, you could get a loan to clear off at least one of the cards. Loans have to be repaid over 5 years. Basically you would be transferring your debt, but with a lower interest rate and no penalty or monthly fees, your money pays down the debt faster. The student loan is normally repaid from your earnings and typically has a very low interest rate, so you might be best leaving that as it is. When your credit cards are clear, only use them for amounts you can pay off in full each month, or keep them at a zero balance. Either way is going to help repair your credit score.

If either of your credit cards is First Premier, scrap it altogether, close it completely. They charge fees for virtually everything, including paying online. They are pure vultures, so have nothing to do with them.

Bruce Said:

I need help deciding if Gastric Bypass is worth going into more debt?

We Answered:

If your weight is continuing to increase, yes, it is worth it. If it has plateaued, you may want to see if you can wait until you get a job that has insurance.

People that regain all of their weight usually have other problems, such as addictive personalities or they were sexually abused. I've spoken to several doctors about this, and they have said that this a problem almost exclusively with women. Since your weight seems to be related to an injury, you will most likely not have this problem.

Also, they now create the "pouch" from a different part of the stomach that doesn't stretch as much as the part they used several years go does. Therefor, today, a lot fewer people have the regain problem.

As for all the dire warnings you will hear, just remember this little factoid: Getting knee replacement surgery has a four times HIGHER mortality rate than gastric bypass surgery, and knee replacement won't fix the underlying problem.

Look for someone who does the surgery laproscopically.

Emily Said:

How, when, and where do I pay my taxes (Self-Employed Student)?

We Answered:

1. yes, you file a tax return in by April. If you're going to owe over $1000 total for the year, you need to make quarterly estimated payments. If you've only been doing this long enough to make a couple thousand dollars this year, you're probably all right just paying it all when you file - but if you do it next year all year, you'll probably have to make quarterly payments. If your state has an income tax, you might have to file a state return and state quarterly estimated payments.

2. Keep very good records of all your income and expenses. You'll show the info on a schedule C, and yes you'll only pay tax on the net after allowable expenses.

3. You can only subtract expenses for your business, not personnal. Ifr you buy a new computer you need for your business and also use it for personnal use, you might be able to prorate it.

4. If you have more expenses than you have income, and don't have any other income for the year, you'd have no taxble income so owe no tax.

5. You fill out a tax return to calculate what you owe. Most people mail a check or just have it direct debited. There are online payment options but they come with a charge.

6. would be a place to start.

Registering a business doesn't result in less taxes.

Good luck - sounds like you're off to a good start.

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