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Wales Student Finance

Justin Said:

STUDENTS who started university in '07 can expect to owe £17,500+ B4 they leave = secret plan to tax sold sex?

We Answered:

thats a lot of money,,

Yolanda Said:

Tuition fees help!? unable to get loan.?

We Answered:

Obviously the problem the banks will be wary of is that the loan will be for something non-tangible and therefore they have no security. Also, they will look suspiciously whether you may repeat dropping out.

On a positive side, if you have paid back your original loan from student finance and don't have anything else you are in debt to, then your credit rating should be reasonably good. Go to the bank that you have been paying your salary into and they should be ok for a personal loan.

Stephen Said:

Which specialization in MBA fetches a good salary?

We Answered:

Todays hot is MBA in FINANCE and Information Technology. Go for it.

If you are girl, you even go for HR. Dont go for Marketing for god sake. You may cry one day after doing it in Marketing.

Armando Said:

I havent got money for rent and have to move back to wales but it means me an my gf breaking up possibly :(?

We Answered:

Since you're unable to help yourself, I see no choice but to move back to Wales...

Beth Said:

Can I recieve another loan/financial help if I do another totally different degree?

We Answered:

Once you get a degree you can't get a student loan to do another if you graduate.

The only help you could get is a career development loan from your bank- but these are not always easy to obtain. (Have a word with your bank- student business advisor etc) You could do a part- time course- another degree or a post grad course which covers aspects of architecture. Sometimes the ERSC- economic and social research council will help with funding- check out their website.

I did a masters and had to fund it all myself- tuition fees and living expenses- but i'm glad I did it.

Lee Said:

Non Graduate IC Statement?

We Answered:

The Non Graduate IC Statement is a statement that states how much you owe the student finance company and how much interest has occurred etc

Maureen Said:

How Long it will take to complete Part time PhD in Law?

We Answered:

It will normally take 4-8 years depending on many factors; supervisor, scope of research etc. But essentially it is done when it is finished! Adding significant and original research to a field of study does take time.

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24Biz said:

I ran into a fair bit of troubles while paying my tuition fees. That's why I even had to get a few payday loans so I could keep my work and research regular there.

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