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Ann Arbor Student Housing

Ray Said:

Oxford Housing at University of Michigan?

We Answered:

Like everything else in life, it really just depends on who you are and what lifestyle you are looking for. While 'decisionsdecisons' is technically right, Oxford is located on the hill but it's not really near all of the other dorms on the 'hill'. 'The Hill" dorms are usually known as Markley, Couzens, Alice Lloyd, 'Mojo' and Stockwell. Oxford is located about 3/4 mile down Geddes away from the rest of those dorms. (See first link for a more accurate map, Oxford is located right underneath #36 in the map key)

It's definitely not only for transfer or foreign students. I have 4 friends who lived there during their freshman years and loved it! (they were all normal incoming freshman too).

Now. Oxford is different from other dorms in that it does not have a cafeteria. It has a small eatery which sells breakfast foods (cereal, granola bars, etc.) and a small amount of food for lunch and dinner but nowhere near the size of a normal cafe. If you want to eat in a dining hall, you'll need to walk that 3/4 mile down Geddes to go to Stockwell (bring a coat! Michigan winters are cold!!) Oxford dorms also usually consist of four roommates sharing two adjoining rooms and one bathroom (kind of like an apartment). All other dorms on campus have a community style bathrooms so this is one plus! Some rooms even have small kitchenettes right in the room. The rooms aren't big, but then again, there is no where on campus that you're going to find a 'big' dorm room.

Oxford residents usually say they like it better than normal dorms because they have more of a sense of 'community' since everyone is kind of stranded up there together. There are buses that run during the day (known as 'the link') that will take you to central campus and back (they run about every 30 minutes or so) and I'm not 100% positive but I believe they run at night as well. But if not, there is always 'free ride' which will take you from the library to anywhere on campus for free! (you just need to get to the library sober enough to call for a cab)

Anyway, it's definitely not the worst place on campus to live and I've only really ever heard of one bad review (and that was because she really wanted to have a dining hall right inside of her dorm). Good luck, you'll have a lot of fun! Feel free to e-mail me if you have any other questions about Oxford or just Michigan in general!

Casey Said:

Can i get into the U of Michigan-Ann Arbor?

We Answered:

I'm not sure. Even if you get in, you are going to be paying about $44k plus your frosh and soph years, and when you are a junior and a senior $47k plus. Actually, after scholarships and grants it would be in the mid $20's to lower 30's, but that is still a lot of money a year

Because frosh admission is competitive, it would be best to go to another school and transfer into Michigan. Competition and standards for transfer students is reduced. I'd go to UIC (or another school) for two years (you'd be accepted and probably get a free ride to most school you apply to), and transfer to UM-Ann Arbor after my sophomore year. Regardless of what you do, you should contact admission people and people in the anthro department.…

P.S. If you are currently a senior, unless you have already applied, you won't make it in because you missed the deadline for making into the the LSA school.

Violet Said:

Ann Arbor MI Student Housing?

We Answered:

Ann Arbor is a very expensive city rent-wise (1-2 bedrooms usually go for $900+), so living in city limits isn't an option for students unless you have rich parents to help you out. There are lots of decent and affordable places to live in Pittsfield Township/Ypsilanti around Washtenaw/I-94 which is fairly close, and if you don't have a car, the buses are ok.

Shawn Said:

Would you go to the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor after reading this?

We Answered:

Wow seriously you should write a book. That is really crazy I can not believe that would happen to you. Are you a "loner" in your neighborhood? If I was you, I would try to figure out who these people are that are constantly harassing you and maybe gets some friends and jump them. Maybe get some license plate numbers and keep toll of how many times they go by your house. Try to run this by the cops; if they don't do anything resort to being a vigilante! That would be so intense but if you cannot live life regularly, why not do something that is desperate and extreme? That really is a crazy story, regardless if it is true or not. Write a book, seriously, and get millions of dollars. I would buy it.

Sergio Said:

HELP! Important essay to get into UM. I need a proofreader!!!?

We Answered:

It's a good essay, but it doesn't deal with a specific experience that have taught you to appreciate differences. You can contrast your family with that of someone else's and explain why you are happy just the way that you are. Stress the uniqueness of your family, and be more colorful in your descriptions. You should probably show more passion on why you'd want to contribute to U of M.

Here was my essay:

I have never considered myself a member of the privileged class. Although I’ve always been thankful for what I have, there were times that I wish I had more. Last year, I received my father’s old car for my sixteenth birthday. I felt blessed, but the catch was that I’d have to pay for gas. Thus, this spoiled child took a minimum wage job at the infamous McDonald’s.
After a few months on the job, I had a revelation much like the author of Nickel and Dimed. I learned that all of my co-workers depended on their wages for a living. Despite their hardships, they all manage to remain optimistic about the future. They sacrifice their own dignity to make sure that obnoxious customers get their dollar’s worth of food. Thus, I developed great respect for unskilled labor. As to quote Ehrenreich, “The ‘working poor’ ... are in fact the major philanthropists of our society.”
Through this experience, I’ve learned to cherish social differences. The community of the University of Michigan embraces the fact that everyone comes from different social, cultural, intellectual, and economic backgrounds. I believe that I can contribute greatly to the diversity of the University of Michigan. I am a cheerleader, an Asian nerd, a fan of symphonic metal, a liberal, and am proud of the fact that I do not fit any mold. This school takes all the best pieces from countless groups of people to form one perfect puzzle, and I know that I can be one of the pieces.

Good Luck!

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It actually immediately depends on who you are and what way of life you are looking intended for. While' is officially correct, Oxford is positioned on the prominence but it's not actually close to all of the extra dorms on the rise.

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