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Apartments For Students

Pearl Said:

Affordable Downtown apartments for students?

We Answered:

There are a ton of lofts by the 16th street mall (which most likely as you know, is not really a mall...) and by the rockies' stadium, and they are affordable and pretty nice! My family has one and they are in college as well. Apartments tend to be a tad bit more expensive, but lofts are your best bet.

Gladys Said:

Are there apartments for college students without telephone lines?

We Answered:

All buildings must have phone lines available but you need to call the phone company to have them connected - if you dont then its not connected and you dont have to pay anything.

Edgar Said:

how much are the harbor point apartments and peninsula apartments for UMB students?

We Answered:

The University of Massachusetts Boston…

Student Housing Office
617-287-6011 ; Fax:617-287-6076

Ivan Said:

What are some good student apartments in Tallahassee?

We Answered:

Boardwalk at Appleyard
West 10
Grand Marc
Seminole Grand
Player's Club
Heritage Grove
Beach Club
Polo Club

just to name a few...

Jennifer Said:

Does any one know how easy it is to find apartments -low cost- for students in Toronto?

We Answered:

It depends on the neighbourhood. The Annex, which is the area just south of George Brown, is a pretty expensive neighbourhood and you'll spend at least $700-800 for a bachelor apartment. 1-bedrooms will probably be at least $1000/month. Factor in utilities (hydro, phone, cable tv, internet) and you should expect to spend at least $1000-1500/month on your apartment. Outlying areas will be cheaper, but you will then have to factor in transportation costs (a monthly metropass is $109/month).

Jeanne Said:

What are the best apartments in Toronto for students?

We Answered:

I will be the first to welcome you to our city of Toronto!! Ok, now all you have to do is get the newspaper called the Toronto Star and look under the classifieds, under apartments. There are tons to choose from!! In every part of the city!! Also in the suburbs. The suburbs cost less in rent than in the downtown core. Keep in mind, Toronto has a hugh Transit system that cost very little to get around. We here in Toronto call it -TTC. The average cost of a one bedroom apartment is around 700 dollars CDN.

Good Luck and enjoy!!

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