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Arizona Student Housing

Allison Said:

What are the best housing arrangements for students at the University of Arizona?

We Answered:

"Best" is rather subjective when it comes to university housing at UofA. All of the dorms, except for the Sky View Apartments, are quite small. Coronado and Navajo-Pinal Stadium Hall are the largest, at 200 square feet. But all of the buildings along Highland Ave (Graham-Greenlee, colnia de La Paz, Villa Del Puente, etc) are popular, both because they are new and because they form a critical mass of activity. Then, while the Sky View Apartments are large (and pricier), they are also further away and are prone to frequent fire alarms from kids who haven't learned how to cook.

For most students, "best" is an off-campus apartment, and many are in walking and biking distance to campus. They're cheaper than university housing, too. But it can be harder to meet people that way, so staying in the dorms for a year is a good idea.

Maurice Said:

What are some schools along the west coast who are still accepting applications as a transfer student?

We Answered:

Call the school and find out if they are still accepting. If so, send in an application. The worst that can happen is that they say no. It sounds like you are pretty open minded about where and what school you go to, so I am sure that if you really want to go to school in any of those areas, you will find one. Also, don't limit yourself to campus housing. Sometimes it's cheaper and nicer just to get your own apartment, and get a roommate to share the cost with you.

Harold Said:

anyone mind giving advice on housing options in tempe, arizona?

We Answered:

I don't know about a week at a time, but there are several nice neighborhoods quite close to ASU that are affordable. Look on /craigslist, find a rental company, contact ASU housing although I can't guarantee they will be any help.

Jessie Said:

How can I get a $287,000 house when I can only afford to pay 900.00/month credit score of 650 in Arizona?

We Answered:

larry burkett says if you can not find a home who's payment is no greater than 40% of your take home pay (this includes mortgage, utilities, taxes, everything), you would be better off renting the rest of your life than to get a home that is going to break your budget.

while you may want a home, it's possible you can't afford one.

Fred Said:

Are lease addendums legal in the Arizona?

We Answered:

If you are not in a fixed lease term, the landlord can raise rent at any time.

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