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Atlanta Student Housing

Harold Said:

Should I do this (boyfriend/girlfriend related)???

We Answered:

Bless you for wanting to help her (and, incidentally, of course, keep her in your area). However, you are mixing financial matters with matters of the heart. That's putting the cart before the horse in a way. Just for anyhow, suppose she doesn't get a job and you are supporting her. And then, you break up? It could get dicey in a hurry.

Shelly Said:

High school student moving to Georgia from Virginia?

We Answered:

It's tough moving to a new area and starting a new school, but I believe that people -- including high school students -- are basically good and will want to make you feel at home, and acclimate.

I'd suggest:
-- be as sociable and friendly in Georgia, as you are back home in Virginia
-- join a club or a team. It's a built-in way to make friends
-- are there kids in your new subdivision that attend your high school? If so, befriend them over the summer -- go to the pool! It'll give you a jumpstart when school resumes.

Wear what you'd normally wear to school: jeans! If you have a particular look that's not mainstream (we know a kid who wears a bow tie and jacket every day) save it, till people know you and like you! First impressions are formed quickly .... and stick!

Good luck.

Aaron Said:

What is the cost of delivering a baby in the U.S?

We Answered:

I live right outside of atlanta, and I just had a baby. I have insurance, but I do still have the bills that they sent us, I want to say it'll cost under $ 9,000, but Above $6,000. Somewhere in between there.

Marlene Said:

Is this a good or bad idea?

We Answered:

You are both consenting adults. If the relationship is solid and it is not going to turn into a "shack-up special". More power to you. Keep in mind that if the relationship goes downhill there should be no hard feelings. But, if you are sincere about it. Just ask her straight up what she thinks about the idea. Yet don't be surprised if she offers to pay some or all of the money back. Take it step by step.

Sharon Said:

Moving To Atlanta?

We Answered:

My cousin goes to Clark, and she lives in da downtown area, so check around there. If u all drive and have a car you can move to Decatur, or some other suburban areas if you don't like city living. Just be safe wherever you go!

Brittany Said:

How do you pay for food in college?

We Answered:

Food is generally considered part of housing. Sometimes you aren't allowed to live in a dorm without having some sort of meal plan. You may want to call the housing department and check but that's how I've seen it done. I think it's some of the "board" part of "room and board."

(I'm refering to dining hall food. If you want to go to bars or restaurants, then obviously that's money out of your wallet)

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