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Boston Student Housing

Neil Said:

Are there any catches that come along with the Charles River Housing grant that Boston University gives?

We Answered:


Charles River Housing Grant is the school's new name for a grant that used to be called the Supplemental University Grant. Given that one condition for the grant is that the recipient must live in University-owned housing within the Charles River campus, it makes sense to simplify things and call it what it is.

The grant is awarded specifically to acknowledge and assist students with the cost of paying for university housing - that's why it only goes to those students who will be living "on campus".

Though you'll have whatever fees the university charges to all residents of university-owned housing, the grant is "catch-free". Given that on-campus housing offered by the university is competitive - and probably cheaper than most alternatives - I can't imagine why a student being offered a further incentive (cash) to live on campus would turn it down.

I hope that helps - good luck!

Terrance Said:

MassArt off campus housing (Boston)?

We Answered:

A lot of MassArt kids live in Mission Hill, but they seem to be pretty spread out across the city.
I lived on Hillside Street in Mission Hill for 2 years. The area is mostly college students, but it is near an unsafe area. I personally never felt unsafe, even at night, but I would recommend that if you live there to not live on the first floor. I have known people who have had their first floor apartments robbed. If you live there, don't expect a quiet lifestyle. There are a lot of parties every weekend since there are so many college students (mostly from Northeastern) and other shenanigans. However, you do get to see a lot of entertaining things go on.

Misty Said:

Is there anyway that a college student in Boston, MA could have time to make enough $ for housing and car?

We Answered:

Housing is pretty expensive. YOu would have to work everyday during the summer making over minimum wage( atleast $10) for 3 monthes straight and even that may not cover the full years worth of rent. In terms of housing, I would say that you would have to go shopping a lot. I mean, I am sure that there are some landlords out there that will not make you pay as much as those apartment complex people . . .but you have to look. If you stay with your friends . .. sometimes the rent is less. Also, the landlords will charge you for the month of decemeber even though that's when the fall semester is over . .so you would have to pay even though, you want to come back home to see family.
You would be in a better off situation if you worked like everyday during the school year I think. Atleast, you would be able to pay off the rent for your housing and for food.
With your car . .somethings to consider . ..
Its not just about getting the car . .you have to pay for the gas and insurance. In addition, you also have to pay for any damages/repairs. Also, you have to be very very very very careful with it . .cause stuff can get stolen and cars are a prime target. Also, you would have to pay for the parking permit . .which is a couple of hundred dollars.
I dunno if you have this . .but in my school . .many of the kids pay their own health insurance too . .so stuff can add up.
I'm pretty sure you want a decent G.P.A and its difficult to get one, when you are studying and working at the same time.
So . .I think that there may be a really slight chance for you to pay out of pocket.

Gregory Said:

Where is the best areas of boston for foreign students on holiday to rent during the summer?

We Answered:

You will certainly find a lot of Americans of Irish descent in the Boston area. The problem you will have is your ages. Very few American hotels will rent to anyone under 21 years. They have found that unchaperoned teens tend to damage the rooms and disturb other guests.

Irish soccer hooligans have given the Irish a bad name internationally. Inn keepers may consider your group to be a bunch of rowdy kids, and would not be willing to have you as guests.

As tourists you can NOT legally work in the United States. You need a work visa for that, and they are extremely difficult to get.

Joseph Said:

Student housing in Boston?

We Answered:

You should live in Allston...It's really cheap and you'll probably be able to find other college age roomies to live with. There's tons of restaurants and lots of nightlife and access to busses and trains. Also, you would have the option of either living in a regular apartment or renting a house w/ other students. Look for "Allston" "Comm Ave", Kenmore, etc.

Brad Said:

Temporary summer housing Boston MA, where i can find offers?

We Answered:

4 weeks is a shorter term than normal (usually summer sublets are for 3-4 months) ... you might find something on craigslist, but a better bet would be to check out dorm options at some of the local colleges or something like this --

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