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Boulder Student Housing

Eric Said:

What is life like in Boulder Colorado on a low budget?

We Answered:

Boulder is an expensive, affluent area.
If you are required to live on a low budget, it is not for you.

Sally Said:

Substance-Free Dorms at CU Boulder?

We Answered:

Ah yes Willard. The policy is enforced and if community safety catches you, you get in big trouble. That being said if you aren't loud or vomiting in the hallway they're not going to catch you. I knew people who lived there and partied, and heck I even partied IN Willard a few times.

Just don't be an idiot and you'll be free to party as much or as little as you want.

Alma Said:

should i stay in my hometown, or leave?

We Answered:

To be honest, in college, drinking ages aren't a problem, so don't let that dictate your decision. The best parties are not at certain schools, but with certain people.

In my personal experience, being a townie when you really feel a need for independence is terrible stifling, no matter how far away mom and dad are. For some it suits them, but you sound like you could really use a life-adventure. I do recommend staying in-state, though - out-of-state college tuition incurs debt faster than you could ever imagine.

Jesse Said:

Do mortgage lenders take local demand for your occupation into account when evaluating your application?

We Answered:

lol..about your "curse".

It seems you & HB are in great standing to qualify for a home-loan, except the employment history...The problem I fore-see is, it takes time to get the application for financing filled out & approved, so if you are waiting until your HB has a year into his job (about the time your lease is up?), you still have that waiting period for financing, finding the home you want, negotiating the price, closing. - It's a process.

It doesn't hurt to call/talk to a real estate agent, tho, (without any obligation to use them) and ask for their advice on your situation. - Maybe you can start the paperwork earlier and "get the ball rolling". (But, getting everything finalized before your lease is up, sounds difficult.)

If anything, tho, you can probably get by with renting your apt. month-by-month until your get into a house. - No having to resign a long lease.

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