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Brooklyn Student Housing

Carla Said:

Providence, Rhode Island - Good for first time independence?

We Answered:

I moved to Rhode Island from Kansas 5 years ago.
I was 20 years old then.
I think you would like it.

The cost of living is much lower here than in New York and Boston.

You can learn more about Providence here.…

Ernest Said:

how much money do i need to move out?

We Answered:

3 months living expenses give you enough of a cushion to start. Obviously you will have to work as well. As far as specific amount goes, you will have to work that out. Some categories of expense you need to take into account:
1. rent
2. utilities
3. taxes
4. food
5. transportation
6. clothes
7. school
a. tuition
b. books
c. fees
8. Medical/dental
9. entertainment

After you figure out how much you need, make sure you can earn that much each month, and start with 3 months worth.

Peggy Said:

Am being subpoena'd for animal cruelty after signing/giving my dog away to the ASPCA.. what? how? brooklyn,nyc

We Answered:

Yes, they can do that. Part of the responsibility for properly caring for a pet is providing vet care if necessary. Also, a normal vet visit does not cost "a couple thousand dollars". A vet would talk to you before doing anything that would be that expensive.

If your dog was running around off leash, you also violated leash laws.

Terry Said:

What part of Queens N.Y. is a good renting area?

We Answered:

As the previous poster mentioned Astoria is great. They have alot of restaurants, bars and is close to NYC. Forest Hills, Bayside and Whitestone are aloso good areas.

Lloyd Said:

Inquiring if Brooklyn is right for me...?

We Answered:

Yep. Its all depends on u or the individual person.
I mean U...
Evironment n surrounding r not d only factor. U should be diplomatic in handling n rearranging with ur neighbours n surroundings

By d way Visit did site. it ll help u in finding rooms

Gilbert Said:

What college should I go to?

We Answered:

Everything about college is a compromise, including travel time. If you can be accepted at Hunter College or Baruch College, it is well worth the long subway ride. Try to schedule your classes at times which will enable you to commute during off-peak hours when you might be able to get a seat on the subway so that you can study.

I doubt that you will find what you are looking for in Queens or Brooklyn.

You are correct that St. John's is much too expensive for what it offers.

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