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Calgary Student Housing

Tracy Said:

How much mony do I need to live comfortably (cop vs doctor)?

We Answered:

What undergrad degree would you go to to become a doctor? In the US, you do not have to major in medicine as an undergraduate, just take enough biology and chemistry classes.

What would you major in to become a cop? Do you have to major in something in particular? Are we talking a community college degree in criminal justice, or a Police Academy?

I suspect you could find some undergrad forensic science major that contains enough biology classes to qualify you for medical school (if your grades are good enough) and might also qualify you to become a cop. This would allow you to put off making a final decision, and "test the waters" to see how much you like college level biology classes.

Cops actually can earn a lot of money in the US. The ones who do so, do so by doing an enormous amount of overtime. Cops have a high divorce rate.

Doctors don't earn what they used to...but they ain't exactly broke, and never have trouble finding a job. Women doctors do have to face a "biological clock issue". Fertility starts to go down in many women only a few years after they complete their internship, so there is a limited window of time to do the baby-making thing. Some manage it just fine, though. Doctors tend to work enormous hours. There is a whole scary "hazing" aspect to the internship.

Ask yourself honestly. How "spendy" is your lifestyle? Is it important to you to own a house? Drive a nice car? Send your kids to private school?

Billie Said:

Move out west Canada? Good or bad idea? Please, please leave your input.?

We Answered:

For people with only a high school education or a GED, it is very hard to find work in Alberta right now and harder is the rest of the western provinces. And if you just showed p in Calgary without a friend's place to stay at, you will go through $1,000 long before you ever find a job. As well, on minimum wage, it would be impossible to get a house as landlords generally consider only one person's wages. They will only consider two if you are married to each other.

Courtney Said:

Did you know SAIT Polytechnic has a School of Business?

We Answered:

4 majors are
Accounting (it's the fastest route to a CGA designation, if you like accounting!)
Financial Services

good solid school, with a majority of great instructors. SAIT campus is not the best when it comes to food or parking but it is definitely a good business school. woth the trip from Red deer or check the web . there is also a few groups on facebook that are related to the business admininstration program.

Henry Said:

Burnaby,B.C location?

We Answered:

yes its easy acess to downtown from burnaby. the skytrain (light rail) runs right thru burnaby to the downtown in about 15-20 minutes. from there you can also take seabus over the harbour to get to the mountains and playgrounds of north vancouver area. I think you will like it.
As far as being asian.... anywhere in vancouver or burnaby you will see 30-40% of the people are asian and in certain areas like richmond caucasians are the minority. If you speak cantonese or mandarian you will find many around you able to speak it as well.
Calgary and Vancouver are kind of nite and day. I think you will be pleasantly surprised from Calgary (also little or no snow in the winter)

Glen Said:

Please help, I'm really stuck - Eventually sell home or keep it as collateral?

We Answered:

you are confusing issues slightly. YOUR house's worth and
its debt free or debt status are not related OTHER THAN a lender
agrees or disagrees with you and lends.

DO not become any relative's medical unit--that cheats them and
you. They need to become responsible for their own self; no one
ever took drugs because they were ordered to.

YOU are also equating real estate investing with "all investing"
it seems. I don't know your short, intermediate or
long term return on investment objectives or investment

get back to me. Let's do a MSN chat, free.

Louise Said:

high housing prices in alberta?

We Answered:

It is a supply and demand issue.
People are flocking to Calgary, Edmonton and not less to Fort McMurray making the housing market prices way up to the point people like you are "disconcerted" and even outraged about it.
The pace of new developments are not keeping up with the newly comers so what is left make the landlords and investors laughing and dreaming with hoards of income.
Easy money, but as the motto says easy come easy go, not that people wont wisely invest their capital, but some day this trend will ended up, cause oil isn't forever.
The well will dry some day and then what's gonna happen?
Anyhow take a peek at the following links, I hope it will clarify some doubts of yours.
But keep in mind that now it's the right time still to invest into this trend cause it will last for a good while.
And congrats cause it's difficult to find genuine good Canadians questions.
Peace be with you.

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