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Cardiff Student Letting

Raymond Said:

Would you allow your child to go to a French exchange trip?

We Answered:

Interesting and I honestly can't make up my mind as such in order to answer you properly.

The money wouldn't worry me and it sounds like a good deal - going to Disneyland and Eiffel tower etc. I would be concerned about sending my daughter to live with strangers for a while. People I don't know....I think overall it would depend how mature and responsible my daughter was at that age. 13 sounds young but if I knew she would have the proper emergency contact support and was responsible in letting me know immediately if there was a problem then maybe....

I also wouldn't want the responsibility of having the exchange student come to me. If I had the time and money to spend on it then yes but what with working and a family it would be difficult to host someone and show them the sights. Perhaps if my family could help out with other things I might be able to fit something like that in...

All the best in making a decision

Jared Said:

what were the cardiff university tuition fees 05/06 dentistry for international students?

We Answered:…
Cardiff University - School of Dentistry - MSc in Forensic DentistryClinical experience in Forensic Dentistry is greater in Cardiff than any other ... Tuition Fee: £5000 (UK/EU full-time students) or £15000 (international

Joy Said:

Lets share interesting facts abotu Islam?

We Answered:

interesting ones!
thnx for sharing :)

Eduardo Said:

UK vs. France?

We Answered:

Do go to France, your experiences will be much more diverse. for all further assistance as it is the French government website to assist international students.
You shall find all courses listed there. Get in touch with the CampusFrance office in your nation.
All the best!

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