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Charlotte Student Housing

Courtney Said:

This is About College/choices/options.?

We Answered:

Yes, there are plenty of schools that are becoming SAT/ACT optional.
Here's a list of schools:

However, I really suggest that you take the test. If you're looking for college options use the following.
Good luck!

Lydia Said:

Summer only housing?

We Answered:

Check Craigslist or go to your local college and they will typically have a housing board with options for places to rent out for the summer months.

Harry Said:

Which school should I go to: University of Alabama, University of North Carolina at Charlotte or Texas Tech?

We Answered:

The only school I have experience with is Univ. of Alabama. It's a very pretty campus, great for engineering, and the people are usually very courteous. It should provide good job opportunities as well.

Hazel Said:

I'm going into high school, HELP!!!?

We Answered:

Ok well i just finished freshman year and you really dont need a backpack. All the things you need you just carry in your arms ( only a book and notebook ) my backpack was such a waste last year i only carried my makeup in it hahah :) so I would go with a purse next year, it carries your walet/money, makeup, pens, and an agenda which will come in handy. you have enough time between classes to drop off the books just used to get the next classes books. I love high school and this will really help!!!!!

remember purse not backpack! and if you do get a backpack get a simple jansport with one little pocket and one big pocket. their so simple i love them!

Joy Said:

as a full time student and single mother, how can I get assistance for low income housing In Charlotte?

We Answered:

Mecklenburg County offers several programs for low income housing. Go to this website and you can review all of them.…

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