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Cheap Student Accommodation

Danielle Said:

Where could I found a cheap accommodation in Hemel Hempstead this summer ?

We Answered:

Your best option would be is to find a cheap B&B than a hotel.

Ted Said:

Where is the cheapest place for Student Accommodation in California?

We Answered:

What school would you be attending?

It all depends on what school you're attending and what your levels of expectations for standard of living are.

Around UCLA/USC/Loyola, if you'd like to live w/in walking distance of the school you can share a room w/ someone (a common combination is 4 people in a 2 bedroom) in an older and smaller apartment or house for as low as $600-700 a month. By USC/Loyola/CSULA/CSULB which has neighboring areas that are more low income (as well as not as safe), you could find shared housing for as low as $300-$400 a month. Although along with this comes the fact that you'd have to use public transportation or take a long bike ride to campus. If living in an area with higher crime rates (theft, muggings, etc) is not an option for you, then finding housing for less than $600-700 may be a very tough challenge.

Amanda Said:

I want a cheap accommodation in Trieste for a period of 30-40 days. Where can I find the information?

We Answered:

We stayed at this hotel years ago:…

Hope that helps!

Gabriel Said:

Cheap and fun accommodation for a large student group?

We Answered:

Holiday Inn

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