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Cheap Student Apartments

Charlie Said:

Where are the cheap apartments in East Lansing Michigan?

We Answered:

Hi! Try looking at

Click on housing/apartments, and find Lansing. They always have the best deals. It's where I found my apartment.

Good luck!

Rachel Said:

What are some cheap and convenient apartments near Portland Community College?

We Answered:

I have had great success using for my apartment searches. I went ahead and did a quick search for you and found hundreds of affordable apartments near the Sylvania campus. Here is the link: You can further define the search parameters if you should feel it does not meet your criteria. Best of luck!

Ralph Said:

looking for cheap apartments in north vancouver area, any suggestions about where to start looking?

We Answered:

try this website.
vancouver is the best city.

Teresa Said:

What's a good website to find cheap apartments or roommate renting?

We Answered:

For India it is:

Ruby Said:

Where can I find cheap apartments in osaka?

We Answered: is a great website for apartments all over Japan. You can search by area, train line, or distance from a location. You will need to search it in Japanese. English websites seem to only have expensive apartments or over-priced apartments.

Ivan Said:

Where can a grad student find a cheap apartment near Columbia, MD?

We Answered:

Your best bet is to get a copy of the local newspapers or look around on CraigsList for people looking to rent apartments, rooms or wanting to share with a roommate. Ask them about the neighborhoods and so forth and then come back here and ask for second and third opinions.

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