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Chicago Student Housing

Eddie Said:

cheap or public housing in chicago?

We Answered:

Students are not usually eligible for public housing. Also the waiting lists for public housing in Chicago are either closed completely or like 6-8 yrs long. So that is not an option at all.

For cheap housing- you could find a roommate and rent an apartment together, or find someone who is renting out a room. Try craigslist. Or move to a cheap area and get a studio I guess?

Jeff Said:

Temporary housing near Chicago downtown?

We Answered:

Just use your search engine with with a phrase like: short term chicago rental furnished OR one week rental furnished chicago

Elmer Said:

does uic financial aid cover off campus housing?

We Answered:

YES, financial aid does and can go towards living off campus. Basically, the money that would have been going toward your dorm rent, will now go to you. You should receive a balance check at the beginning of each quarter/semester that you can use for books, food, and living expenses. Depending on how much you get back, and how much your rent will be, it may not be enough. Contact your FA office to see how much they estimate your room and board is and they can help you figure out how much you should expect for living expenses.

Russell Said:


We Answered:

Average rent on the south side is $700-800 a month. My suggestion would be to fina some roomates. Try

Deborah Said:

Comparing Seoul with Chicago?

We Answered:

As far as traffic goes, I hate to say this, but I think Chicagoans tend to be slightly more sane than Seoulites when it comes to driving and pedestrian traffic. This is probably due to the fact that Chicago is not as densely populated and does not have the problem of six lanes of traffic.

Regarding crime, Seoul is a relatively safer city than Chicago in terms of crime. But as in any major city, you just have to be aware of your surroundings. Neighborhoods that are under greater socioeconomic stress (and therefore typically linked with higher crime rates) are on the south and west sides of Chicago. Even in those specific areas, I don't think it would be a cause for alarm during the day and near main streets; just be more cautious where you are at night. But there's no guarantee even in the "nicest" neighborhoods. If you are going to be a student, you'll have the added security of the campus community.

Chicago is a relatively cleaner city than Seoul both in air quality and littering. Again, at least part of this has to do with population density.

Chicago does have a subway and bus system. Unfortunately, its subway system is not as extensive as Seoul's or New York City (where I now live). There are some neighborhoods in the Chicago metropolitan area that are more easily accessible by car, e.g., Koreatown, a lot of "young" neighborhoods with hip bars and restaurants north of downtown Chicago, etc. If you can manage the expense of a car, I would recommend it.

In a 2005 report, CNN ranked Seoul as the 5th most expensive city in the world whereas Chicago ranked 52. You also have the advantage of a decent exchange rate. 1000 Won = 1.07 USD last I checked.…

It's hard to generalize about an entire city of people, given its diversity, but I would say that Chicagoans are less frantic in nature than New Yorkers or Seoulites. Obviously, depending on the level of education of the person you meet, their knowledge (and acceptance) of foreign cultures will vary. But overall it is a cosmopolitan city, although it doesn't get as much notoriety as other US cities like LA or New York. However, you will find that Chicagoans are very proud of their city.

Chicago has a temperate climate similar to Seoul's except for two major differences. It does not have a monsoon season and it can get much colder in the winter compared to Seoul. The reason is that Chicago is next to Lake Michigan, a freshwater lake, which unlike an ocean or sea, does not provide a warming affect. Wind chill factors make temperatures feel much colder. Incidentally, Chicago's nickname is the "Windy City," although the source of that nickname is under debate, since some say it is a reference to the weather while others say it comes from a historically political context. Bring a hat to protect your ears, and wear layers (coming inside from the cold, some buildings can be very warm). For the summer, don't forget to bring a swimsuit. Chicago's beach front on Lake Michigan is all open to the public and a gorgeous place to exercise or just sun bathe.

Chicago has great parks, great museums, a world class symphony orchestra, a public (free!) zoo within Chicago itself, great theater, great restaurants, great sports teams, great bars and clubs (unfortunately, you'd need a car to get to most, especially for the late hours). Chicago also has Oprah!

Here's a link to check out:…

Chicago has an annual gay pride parade day, but I'm not sure what date it falls. As far as gay culture goes, there is one neighborhood enclave that is specifically gay friendly nicknamed "Boystown" located within the formally named neighborhood of Lakeview. I don't know too much about available activities, but I found this website with gay interest themes relating to Boystown and the rest of Chicago

As with any place in the world, depending on whom you meet, people's attitude toward gay culture varies, but from my understanding of Seoul, it is STILL quite difficult to be openly gay there. In that regard, Chicago is probably more progressive.

Anyway, Chicago is a great city, and I think if you keep an open mind and get over the initial culture shock of being in a new country, you'll have a great time.

Velma Said:

Is it smart to transfer from the University of Illinois-Urbana to University of Illinois at Chicago????

We Answered:

ugh, urbana... yeah, definately transfer to chicago. much better.

Paul Said:

What is a good college in or around the Chicago area?

We Answered:

I would say either Loyola or Northwestern in Evanston. Loyola is in Rogers Park, and I live a block from campus, very fun area, and really nice campus, as well as a good school. Northwestern is probably a better school, but housing in Evanston is more expensive, and the college itself is more expensive too.

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