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College Student Housing

Becky Said:

Will I qualify for Section 8 housing as a full time college student?

We Answered:

I know in NY full time student can not qualified and NY is one of the more lenient states that usually allow people to get help, but Texas could be different. Also, they will take your income and your husbands income into account, so if together you make over property you would not qualify. Even if you do qualify they usually have very long waiting lists, so you could be waiting at least a few years. And landlords do not have to take section 8, so you may have to move to a apartment that does, and hate to ay it but it is usually only accepted in the lower neighborhoods. Try google to see if section 8 has a website .

Seth Said:

I am a homeless college student, can i get housing choice voucher?

We Answered:

I'm not sure about that specifically, but I know in our state if you file as homeless you will get more money towards college. But if you've been living with someone (even for like two weeks) they won't consider you homeless.

Veronica Said:

Are community college students eligible for student housing?

We Answered:

Most community colleges do not have student housing. You need to check with the community college that you wish to attend to see if they have any. Normally they do not because the people who attend them are expected to be from that community.

Good Luck!!!

Ross Said:

College Student Looking for housing: Can Parental Guarantee help me if my parents don't have great credit?

We Answered:

Your Father can complete the application process just like you do. You will introduce him as your co-signor or guarantor. He will sign the lease, but not occupy the unit. He will be liable financially, should you falter on the lease terms.

Gabriel Said:

Santa Monica City College: Student Housing?

We Answered:

I would try the palms /cheviot hills area (as appaently a lot of students live in this area and Santa Monica Big Blue bus
has a direct bus from this area direct to both SMC Campuses
(Bundy and the main campus)
and the bus is free if you have current student ID to show to the operator

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