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College Students Housing

Lena Said:

Themed Housing Ideas for College students?

We Answered:

by substance free, you also mean coffee, tea, cola (caffeine)?

Elaine Said:

How do college students going to a college without student housing work out rent arrangements? for example?

We Answered:

Be upfront Right away with what you expect from roommates and lay out a set of ground rules for ALL to follow including yourself. My experience was that it was best to stay in a dorm the first year and meet some people. You may find some friends that you learn to trust that you can rent with... thus less risk of finding Bum roommates. Good Luck

Marshall Said:

Is it hard for college students to find decent housing in NYC or Long Island?

We Answered:

It really depends on the individual school and the location. I live in NYC and grew up on Long Island. Nothing decent is cheap but it can be found. School sponsored housing can be pricey but it reduces costs in other ways such as commuting to the school (gas money or bus/subway fares). If you go to school in Manhattan you will probably find cheaper housing in one of the other boroughs (Brooklyn/Queens/Staten Island/Bronx) but you will have to figure in travel time as well as previously mentioned the cost of commuting. Long Island has some major issues with public transportation so you would really need a car if you are going to live off campus and with that comes not only the gas but insurance, maintenance (breaks, oil changes etc.), etc. These should all be factors when considering housing.

I work for a college and in my experience (both working for a school and going to college as well as talking to other college recruiters and friends) most if not all schools have a housing office to support students. They can let you know the costs involved in staying in school sponsored housing as well as resources they have for housing opportunities off campus. Looking at those listings can give you an idea of the costs involved in staying off campus in the area. Also see if they have a listing of students looking to share apartments off campus. You can interview each other and see if maybe you can find a situation where you share a living space as well as the cost of rent.

Good luck.

Carl Said:

John Jay College students: housing???

We Answered:

Where are you from?

The cost of living in NYC is very, very high. It can be a bit of a shock.

Lots of students save money through apartment shares. They also try to live in less expensive areas in NY metro, like Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Inwood, and across the river in New Jersey. Look at towns on the PATH and NJ Transit, see if any of those are options.

For apartment shares, try Craigslist and the online site for The Village Voice.

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