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Csun Student Housing

Regina Said:

Why were the MEChA subversives whining of harassment by undercover LAPD officers?

We Answered:

It was a Hispanic group of course they felt they were racially targeted.
That's their whole argument for every thing. Racism. It's funny they only got one side of the incident, and there were no witnesses outside the "targeted" group. Can we say paranoid.

Daisy Said:

Csun, how do I pick my room in the suites?

We Answered:

You need to phone the housing office immediately to find out your status and your options. Student housing is often a matter of first come, first served. This sometimes means staying in a hotel near the university the night before dorm occupancy is available and being in line with some easily carried possessions an hour before the dorm opens so that you can claim the preferred room, half of the room, etc. It is dog eat dog.

If you are under 18, you will need an adult over 21 to check into the hotel with you at many hotels in some states. In any case you will need a credit card or cash deposit for extra charges and possible damages beyond the room charge and room tax in an amount specified by the hotel. Find out the amount when you make the hotel reservation. The deposit is fully refundable if there are no charges against it.

Joanne Said:

Anyone from Northridge, CA? Are there any safe, fun, friendly areas around town?

We Answered:

I'm not from Northridge, but I am from the LA area, and Northridge isn't much fun. It's located in the SF valley, and it all kind of looks like San Jose, CA. Northridge is not a dangerous area; it is fairly quiet and boring compared the rest of Los Angeles. Some of my friends went to CSUN and they do enjoy it, but admit that it can get boring sometimes. They rent an apartment off campus and have never had any problems with the area whatsoever.
Honestly, Northridge will not give you everything SoCal has to offer. I would say look into schools in West LA and in San Diego. But then again, college is what you make it, so if you look for fun, fun will find you:)
good luck

Allan Said:

Cal State Fullerton or Cal State Northridge?

We Answered:

I think you have guaranteed admission to both schools with your GPA alone. Cal state Fullerton is also a commuter school i think only about 3% of students stay on campus. If you want to stay on campus apply to like SDSU or something bigger like that. Having gone to CSUF for two years now, i know that its a very laid back school. It is fun to just walk around campus. What is nice is that all the buildings are really close to each other.
you forgot another con about CSUN

Theodore Said:

CS Fullerton or CS Northridge? Please Read! Need Opinions!!?

We Answered:

I would go to Fullerton. I'm a junior in highschool and I go to highschool in one of the schools in the Northridge area. Yes the small rural feel is nice but it gets old. At Fullerton there is simply so much more to do. In addition to this, 80% of the people that went to CSUN work in the area after graduation, so if you want to live in the Northridge area rather than the O.C. than maybe you could reconsider Northridge. Housing at northridge isnt the greatest but there are always new projects emerging for new dorms. In general, if you want a quiet homey feel, go with Northridge but if you want action, fun, and an "experience" go with Fullerton.

P.S. it doesn't get THAT hot around here. but it's not breezy either. But Northridge weather is great. It rained maybe 10 times this year? 10 days out of 365 ain't bad. But it's windy too and it's not the cool coastal winds, it's dry hot ones, or dry cold ones.

Tyler Said:

Kicked out of college for a low GPA. How can i qualify for a medical withdraw?

We Answered:

Your teachers won't change your grades to higher grades because it would be academic dishonesty on their part and they would only give you incompletes if you didn't finish your assignments (like you forgot to turn in your big term paper because of your mental health condition). Second make sure your university distinguishes between a medical withdraw and an mental health withdraw because of the time crunch you don't want to waste any time running back and forth. If you plan on starting the spring semester it probably might not happen only because of how late it is they usually have to be approved by the medical staff and then by the academic deans office, so that's like 10-14 days and you said your waiting for a letter from your therapist, you should also give proof of anything that has hindered your academic performance, medication, medical records (proof of spouse illness), unemployment (bills). Talk to your advisors and someone who can help you from the medical/mental health withdrawal committee.....don't just drop off your paperwork and leave.
If grades are posted they can do a retroactive withdrawal and remove the grades and classes from your transcripts (if approved). Even if it takes longer than after add/drop and you have to take the semester off it sound like you could use it to get some things in order.

Also are you on probation or are you dismissed because if your on probation and you can still registrar then still go for the medical withdrawal and weather or not approved work on improving your grades but if your dismissed you can maybe ask department advisor for a reinstatement asap before add/drop is over...if it's your first dismissal their more lenient especially if you have proof that something was wrong ( I know a few people who just slacked off and got reinstated just on the basis that they would have to raise they gpa the next semester but every university is different.......Just bug the hell out of all those people until they are tired of talking to you)

Joel Said:


We Answered:


Sorry it took me a couple of days to get to this question, but I saw it late last night, and I wanted to offer you a more complete answer.

First of all - let's focus on you and what you're going to accomplish with your life, and not on blaming other people and calling everybody names. If your mom and dad have character issues, that's a personal matter that really has no bearing on your situation. Everybody does what's best for them - some more selfishly than others - but in the end, it's what you do that matters, and it's irrelevant to your financial aid issues whether your mother is smart or dumb, whether there's been spousal abuse in your household, and whether you are your mother's least favorite, or not.

The first business about the confusion between aid and a loan - I'm not really understanding how that came about. At some point, your school's financial aid office sent you an aid offer letter, and I'm pretty confident that the letter clearly indicated that you were offered a Stafford loan, and not thousands of dollars in free grants. I'm also pretty confident that your school has an online student account system, where you can log on and do all kinds of things, including register for classes, and, more importantly, review the status of your financial aid. If you're not really knowledgeable about financial aid, and how it works, it makes it that much more important that you work closely with the financial aid department, so that you're in the loop, and that so that you understand what's going on.

Your school probably has an emergency loan program for financial aid recipients who are receiving delayed aid. Make an appointment with a financial aid counselor, and - without wasting their time on pointing the finger - just explain that you're relying on the loan, and that it's going to be late arriving because of a misunderstanding - is there anything they can do to help.

You explained that your dad has moved out, but it seems that he doesn't have any inclination to help you with your educational bills. Why is that? Have you taken the time to sit down and talk to him about your situation? If you hate the guy so much that you can't even talk to him, then I'm wondering why you would expect him to cosign a loan for you. Cosigning a loan is always an extremely financially risky decision, and if you and your dad don't have even a civil relationship, I can't imagine why he'd cosign a loan for you. Sit down with him and talk about how he feels about your financial situation.

Keep in mind that no parent has a legal obligation to pay for college. Your father's obligations ended when you turned 18, or when you graduated from high school. Anything he provides to you, from this point forward, is a kindness and a gift. There are many, many other young people in your position - who want to go to college, but whose parents either can not afford, or just simply choose not to spend the tens of thousands of dollars that it costs to send just one child to college. If you're in that situation, you'll need to take advantage of the maximum amount of financial aid available to you - borrow from the Stafford program on your own - AND make an affordable choice with regard to your school. If your budget calls for a 2-year school, and maybe transferring later, that's what you should be focusing on.

What's available to you is assistance - and you need to take the time to educate yourself about how it works, and how much you are eligible for - not rely on your mom (who supposedly hates you, anyway) to just "take care of all of this for me." Once you know how much assistance is available, you need to find a school situation that you can afford with that kind of money. If your dad can (and wants to) help, great - if he can't - well, that's a little less money that you have to spend, and you need to plan accordingly.

Private no-income, no-income, no co-signer educational loans? As mythical as the Loch Ness Monster and unicorns. These types of loans do not exist. The lenders got themselves into this gigantic worldwide mess by lending money to applicants who couldn't afford to repay - they're not making new loans to college students who don't have the income or the credit history to assure repayment.

Can you transfer to another Cal State branch? Sure you can. Visit the website of the college that you're interested in, and find out about their transfer policy. Most schools won't allow you to "transfer" until you have earned a certain number of credits - you may need to reapply from scratch at the new school.

Good luck to you - and make an appointment with financial aid as soon as you can get one.

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Good luck to you - and make an appointment with financial aid as soon as you can get one.

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