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Dc Student Housing

Jesus Said:

What are the best places to go in Washington DC for Halloween?

We Answered:

Families bring their kids up and down Embassy Row in NW DC. Partiers go out to M Street/Wisconsin Ave in Georgetown for lots of parties (though these are mostly bar-based and not good for 21+).

You can also check out the High Heel Race in Dupont Circle tonight. That's DC's biggest Halloween tradition.

And some more options from DCist for Saturday itself:

>> If you can cut out of work early, there will be a free screening at 1:15 p.m. of the classic 1920 silent film Der Golem in Georgetown University's McNeir Auditorium. A rabbi in 16th-century Prague creates a clay golem, with the help of a demon, that helps him save the Jews of Prague from being expelled by the Holy Roman Emperor, but the creature runs out of control, wreaking havoc. Local early music ensemble Hesperus will provide a live musical accompaniment appropriate to the period.

>> Love scary stories? SpeakEasy DC is hosting an actual spooky campfire out in the woods in PG County for people willing to make the trek out to share terrifying tales while eating s'mores. The 'Ween in the Woods campfire at Patuxent River Park costs $15 for all the hot cocoa and scary stories you can stand. All the details are here.

>> If you don't have a house party to go to but still want to dress up and dance, there's a couple of decent options. Number one is probably the Palace of Wonders party, which will feature 3 full hours of Halloween-themed burlesque and freak show talent, a costume contest, and lots of free candy. Buy your $15 ticket in advance here. The Black Cat is hosting a "Bhangraween" dance night featuring the excellent DJ Rekha and the Doonya dance troupe. That's $13 on the mainstage. And if you're just looking for the cheapest cover in town, look no further than the Halloween version of Liberation Dance Party at DC9. For only $6 you can dance all night, drink free rail cocktails from 9 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., and enter the costume contest to win up to $250 in prizes.

Barbara Said:

10 week stay in Washington DC?

We Answered:

Most apartments won't rent for less than a 6 month term, and many won't rent for less than 12 months.

Your best bet would be an Extended Stay America, but those run at least $69.99/night.

I just did a search on Hotwire: May 18 - August 17 (3 months). Error message.
New search: May 18 to June 15. Cheapest rate: $44/day.

DC is an expensive area. If you can get a deal from a university for a dorm room at $250/week, take it.

Adam Said:

Need affordable Washington DC inauguration housing?

We Answered:

I don't think you are going to find anything near DC cheap. Here's what I'm doing. Go to Richmond. From there you can take Amtrak up. On the Amtrak site you will see 2 stations from Richmond, one says all trains are full but if you hit the Richmond Staples Mill Road station you will find it sometimes says all trains are booked and other times there will be open seats. Take it to DC's Union station. From there you can easily walk. You can catch a train out of DC that night. The hotels in Richmond are normal price, 60 or so a night.

Ronnie Said:

How much can I afford for a house (DC/MD Area)?

We Answered:

If you're willing to use all of your $40k for a down payment, and I use an assumption of 24% debt to income, you can get a $320,000 house, with an monthly payment of around $1,600. I wouldn't recommend going higher than this.

Frederick Said:

help about Washington DC universities ?? plz?

We Answered:

You got some details on the universities in the DC area, I'll pick the ones in the Richmond, VA area.

The University of Richmond is located in the west end of the City of Richmond. It is a very beautiful campus, and very safe. The UofR is known for their School of Business and it has an extensive "international" program. So, this school will probably have a very good "English Intensive" course.

So, this is in a great area, good location, great campus, good housing, and very safe! I highly recommend that you choose the University of Richmond.

Virginia State University is located near the City of Petersburg. It has it's good points and bad points. I will cut it short and state that you will probably not be very happy there. The area it is located in is not that nice. As I understand, if you stay on campus it is pretty OK, but no one stays on campus 24/7. Also, as far as I know VSU does not have much of an international or "English as a Second Language" program. Thus, I do not recommend this school to an international student.

Let us swing over to the City of Charlottesville, the University of Virginia! Here is another great school! It is located in downtown Charlottesville. It is in a great location, a beautiful area (in the foothills of the mountains), great campus. Housing is... well, it's a roll of the dice. If you are in the newer dorms, it's great. But, the campus is several hundred years old and if you get stuck in some of the 50+ year old dorms you might not be so happy. (Of course, a few years ago there was talk of condeming and tearing down the dorms but I do not know if that occured.) Again, this school has a great international plan and a good "English Intensive" courses. The only drawback I have on this school is that Charlottesville is somewhat isolated from the rest of the state. It is a small city and, while eclectic, is still small. Charlottesville is an hour from Richmond, and about two and a half hours to Washington DC.

OK, of all your choices, I hold the University of Richmond and the University of Virginia in high regard. Especially as you will be an International Student. Those two schools will be a great way to experience the United States.

Good luck!

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