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Tracy Said:

PLEASE help me. Description is kinda long?

We Answered:

I think everything that you typed out should be told to your mom, and tell her how you feel. Also, tell your mom that when you do try to talk some sense into the foreign kid, he only gets snappy and tells you to shut up, which is downright rude.

Alberto Said:

Should Tom Tancredo be the "Poster Child" for the Anti-immigration Movement's....?

We Answered:

I'd say it's almost a tie between Mitt Romney and Tom Tancredo LOL!

This hypocrisy shouldn't be a surprise with Republicans being part of this movement. It's in their nature!

Breaking: Illegal Immigrants Mowed Romney's Lawn…

Amanda Said:

english help plz! best answer to first right person!?

We Answered:

1. Alaska, our largest state, was once owned by Russia.
2.Mick showed me his present, a new CD player
3.Bobby Thompson, whose middle name is Herbert, lives three doors away from us.
4. Golden retrievers, once thought of only as family pets, are now used to help the blind.
5.The board game that my brother likes best is on sale this week.

Mike Said:

Do you like the first chapter of my story?

We Answered:

It seems to me you may have a good premise.
The story starts with action, which I like, but the flashback seems like it could be shortened (flashbacks at the beginning of a story slow it down so much, you may want to re-think using it at all).
Shorten the flashback, at least, so that we can stay with the action where the story begins.

Re: writing style... to stay in an active voice, drop those 'had' words you're beginning to use in front of verbs. '...had' or 'had been' makes a phrase passive.
You have to check on your sentence structure, since you have both incomplete and run-on sentences here.

They are easily fixed if you read your piece outloud and see where you actually pause, where you don't, and where you wish a sentence would actually end.
Short and active sentences are punchy, edgy and speak volumes.
ADD: Watch your spelling too.

Re: facts-- It becomes confusing in your flashback re: how a flight three miles [ADD: the confusion is because you do not say your flight took you three miles from L.A. --Do you know L.A.? In that area, three miles from the L.A. airport is still in L.A. In fact, it's hard to leave L.A., for many miles...]
from Denver can leave you walking to L.A. (?) or home (?)-- and where is your luggage? What are you carrying, if anything? Where are you?
Like that, but just indentifying glimpses and words.
Luck with your story--

Fred Said:

chinese business visa and review my letter of invitation?

We Answered:

at face value sound not only promising but intriguing in reality is far more complicated leaving yourself open to chinese police immigration violation you will need work visa pay taxes here like any other chinese stiff, from many of my friends experiences once they were here things changed no free living quarters they directed him to where he could rent a squalor for 2000 rmb monthly life in guangzhou is not cheap unless you want to feast 3 times a day rice and veggies upon his leaving there Was no return ticket to usa and his last 3 month salary they reneged on they advised him to file Police report once you do that you can not leave china until its resolved and it will eb in favor of his former employer be careful here is not like usa where you can exercises your constitutional rights you regret it if you run afoul of their expectations be prepared to hand out leaflets on the sidewalks too, personally i've been here 6 years working i've yet to meet a single honest person that you can trust, i get paid by direct deposit in USD to my usa bank.minimizing the possibility of fraud,at due date money not there i dint work should you risk it make sure you register your visa with local police after 5 das failure is 5000 rmb fine many schools here seek well educated usa teachers only to be exploited nobody wants to come and teach here because of fraud

Teresa Said:

need grammar help please thanks:)?

We Answered:

If I give my answers will you understand why?

1. first sentence

2. last sentence

3. first sentence

4. first sentence

5. first sentence

Nathaniel Said:

Where is a good place to live in Denver (near downtown) when price is one of your main concerns?

We Answered:

Capitol Hill. It has a ton of character and its still close enough to downtown to still enjoy the sights and sounds.

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