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Eau Claire Student Housing

Annie Said:

living in a big vs. small dorm building?

We Answered:

You'll probably develop a close circle of friends no matter how big your residence hall is--it's not like you'll never speak to anyone who lives in a different building, you know?

That said, the bigger building is probably where all the partiers are gonna live. If you're into that--going out and partying all the time--and don't mind drunk people screaming in the halls at all hours, the bigger building will probably be fine for you. But if that's not really your cup of tea, go for the smaller building; it's less likely that you'll have drunk asshats pounding on your door and screaming at 2 AM there.

Finally, make sure you're actually allowed to live in the buildings you're looking at. Most colleges "segregate" housing options by credits, so you can only live in certain buildings if you have a sufficient number of credits. There are also probably designated freshman dorms, where only first-year students can live.

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