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Edwards Student Housing

Bobbie Said:

Does this sound like a good comic or story idea?

We Answered:

Ilike your base concept but there are some things I'd change with the rest. I don't know WHY Matt is a time traveller,is this a natural ability,something he was gifted,cursed with(if these then who by and why?). Perhaps you should explain his motivation too. Why is he willing to kill these persons? I get he does it to time travel but is he a villain or a hero? If he's a hero then who is he killing and how can he justify it?
Good start but seems a little weak right now. Interesting idea,can't think that I've ever seen this concept. Original. :)

Laura Said:

Which of these Commencement Speakers (Eisenhower to Obama this year) would you invite and honor? (10 points)?

We Answered:

The NOTRE DAME community is honored to have this moral and gifted American - - he will be a great speaker during May - - Presidents from Eisenhower to our current Commander-in-Chief are a kind of hodge-podge and the College Presidents can pick and choose; it is judicious that Obama will come to these limited set this year and over his two terms in office many more occasions will follow!

He is a great legal mind and will return to being a Law Professor after his successful administrations are ready to conclude!

Marcus Said:

Where do you draw the line between religious and fanatical?

We Answered:

If they were my kids i would have pulled them out long ago. You have a responsibility to protect them, don't let social niceties get in the way of that.

A private school education doesn't mean anything if your kids get emotionally messed up.

Vicki Said:

What does this mean????

We Answered:

It is a very desperate cry for attention. It is a suicide note from someone that is mean, hurtful and deluded. It is a note that is meant to hurt the people that hurt this person. 99.9% of the people who would write a letter like this will not take their own lives. They are too much of a coward. If they had any ounce of decency or balls, they wouldn't spew this out after they were "gone". It is a Coward's note and that is how they will be remembered for the rest of eternity, if anyone remembers them in the first place.

Alfred Said:

to all of the investors or investment advisors...well to anyone who knows about anytihng about investment...?

We Answered:

All you can, and should, do now is to invest prudently. And that means probably being diversified using mutual funds (but probably not a fund your broker at Edward Jones recommended because he or she probably recommended a fund based on how much they'd make in commission with little regard for the actual quality or suitability of the fund to your situation. (Okay, I am a bit biased against the so-called 'full service' end of the investment business.) Just put your money into a couple of index funds. One should be in a stock index such as the S&P 500 or a 'total market' index. The other should be something less volatile and with a bit of income such as a government bond income fund. Now add to that periodically in equal parts and once a year 'rebalance' your account so it's back to 50-50. That'll give you a nice simple asset allocation that will be perfectly suited to your longer range goals. After you get out of law school and get the nice first year signing bonus, come back and we can talk about making this more sophisticated.

Good luck!

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