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Eugene Student Housing

Adam Said:

Cost of food in Eugene, OR?

We Answered:

60 to 120 a week will provide you a decent diet

Veronica Said:

what should happen in my story next?

We Answered:

goes home, takes a shower, thinks about Eric, about whether she likes him or not. and more importantly, whether he likes her or if he was just being friendly, being the new kid and all.

then she goes to school the next day and is really shy again. finds out eric switched classes to be in her homeroom. she gets picked on by the teacher and during lunch eric teases her about it. she blushes. that night, he calls her asking if she wanted to meet him at the park. she does.

maybe they see something odd and you could turn it into a romance/mystery. like some boy drowning in the stream, but no townspeople hear him crying out. or they see someone stalking use your imagination on that part.

gl! happy writing. sounds very cool!

Wesley Said:

At University of Oregon: Apartment living?

We Answered:

Hey, I'm a transfer student planning to live in the dorms next year. I'd want to live there to help me meet new people. My last college had really small dorms so UO dorms are definitely an upgrade. However, it will probably be less to get an apartment.

As far as jobs go, it is a college town so I am sure plenty of businesses hire college students as employees, but I'm not sure how much they pay.

I hope this sort of helps!

Pearl Said:

what should happen next in my book?

We Answered:

I think an orange shelter wizened homie capable. Even if the sang brutal comes, then overt the lackadaisical homonym.

Also, rechere du la tempts perdu and sit on the dunny humming Bill Smart Sings songes for chyldrenne.

OKey-DOKey? :-)

Jerry Said:

Where is the best place Eugene, Bend or Corvallis for retirees? Is Corvallis mostly for students and farmers?

We Answered:

Corvallis is an interesting city. It has an adequate variety and quantity of grocery and retail, with superior breadth and depth to neighboring cities, even Salem in many ways. Oregon State University student population is approximately one third of the city's population. In no way is it a farming town except for a few businesses—like the feed and seed—which support area farming. It is surrounded by agriculture, but you wouldn't necessarily know it until venturing out of town.

Housing is in very short supply, except for well-used student rentals for which there is almost enough. Corvallis controls its growth at a very low rate, and has ever since the 1960s. The dynamics of this situation through the explosive 1980s and 1990s has kept in-city housing expensive and caused many Corvallis workers to live in nearby areas and commute. This leads to heavy daily commuting traffic, especially on Hwy 20 to Albany and Hwy 34 to Philomath. A quick glance at shows that the average asking is currently around $240K, down from $260K two years ago.…

The closest Costco and Walmart are at the east edge of Albany, about a 14 mile drive (each way).

In Bend, housing is even more extreme though the current depression has had a much more pronounced effect. The average asking home price is now $210K, down from $370K just over three years ago.…

While winter is cold, spring, summer, and fall are quite nice, with summers being rather hot and dry, though often with a nice breeze. The cultural opportunities in Central Oregon are much more limited than the Willamette Valley, but I think most people are quite a bit friendlier there too.

Eugene has most everything, from a well-sprawled suburban area at the west end, to mini-cosmopolitan center, to surrounding agricultural with many vineyards and wineries.

Rain and mold aren't problems. You might have to paint the house's exterior and replace fencing more often than you might be used to if you come from South Dakota or someplace dry. It doesn't often rain for more than a day. Even during rainy periods there are usually breaks of hours and days between systems where it might be simply cloudy, or even sunny. This does result in significant greenery. In late summer, rain is less frequent and lawns can actually become brown.

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