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Nicole Said:

26th Street NYU... is it really that bad?

We Answered:

Well, if you're referring to their Twenty Sixth Street Residence Halls at 334 East 26th Street in Manhattan, no, they're just kidding you, it's not a bad neighborhood at all! In fact, most NYers would be thrilled to be able to live in that Kips Bay neighborhood!

It is true that it's far away from most of NYU, but that's just because it is near the NYU Medical Center and Dental School, so if you're NOT a med student, you'll have to commute a little bit, but it's not too bad, because NYC has an excellent transit system.

Good luck, and follow the links below to webpages all about the Residence Hall and its surrounding neighborhood...

Max Said:

Where can I go on holiday that is cheap and student-friendly?

We Answered:

try Croatia and
send the pictures

Carmen Said:

A new technical university is being built in a remote region of Imaginastan. ?

We Answered:

Wow that was way intense. I didn't even read most of that but I don't think anyone is going to answer your question.

Allen Said:

Is this a bad idea??

We Answered:

Not a bad idea.. it may be a little bit soon, but certainly not a bad idea. I suggest you get a few German phrasebooks and dictionaries. I have German At A Glance, and it seems to explain things pretty well. If I had the chance to go to Germany, I'd take it! =)

Delores Said:

Living expenses in France for 2 months?

We Answered:

2,000 Euro

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